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"That just happened!"



The difference between something like MGS4 and Bayonetta 2, and something like Tomb Raider is that without the support of either the system specs or the actual funding that the game received from that system manufacturer, those games don't get made. MGS4 needed a LOT of what the PS3 was capable of doing, and even then, Kojima said that the BD disc wasn't enough to give him what he needed for his true vision. In Bayonetta 2's case, Sega needed the... #1.2.2
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If anything, MS will probably try to make another tag and try to buy YouTubers out for positive coverage of the game if the tag thing from earlier this year is any indication (XB1M13). #1.1.21
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I would love for them to rerelease it in it's original, 2D sprite format (as in, a straight port of the SNES version or the FF Chronicles hard type version). They seem to want to do this new graphics type stuff, which is fine to those that want that sort of thing, but I've yet to see the original version released on PSN or anywhere.

Perhaps the easy-type on the Wii VC (haven't read up on what it has on there in years, though, outside of Earthbound), but the hard-... #12.3
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The games weren't terrible, in that I enjoyed a lot of what they had to offer, but the multiplat thing didn't do the game any favors because they did it after the fact that they made it, and thus had to scale back because the two systems weren't built the same, nor could the systems do things equally (which is why no one's complaining about KH or FF15 being multiplat now by comparison: you don't see that big of a difference in specs between the two next gen consoles). If y... #15
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It's also because of the whole notion of it being an MMO. MMO's, usually, have a knack for not picking up until later on when people begin to hit the endgame. Those that are willing to judge a MMO's fun factor by the first 10 or so levels are going to be very disappointed. There was a reason why Blizzard wanted to fix the early leveling experience in WoW: they saw many were quitting before they hit level 10 (but when they went to try to make it more enjoyable and tried to make the... #5
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This was written by one OF the main SJW's that is said to be the mislabeled groups, and never once brings into account that there is substantial proof out there to suggest that there was manipulation on the part of Zoe Quinn. Neither does it bring up the obvious evidence that suggests that she fabricated the psychological abuse that she had received. And nothing about the odd timing of the DMCA takedown notifications or the attempt to go right after TotalBiscuit when he only said "IF... #11
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"Consoles aren't harming PC gaming, PC gamer's are and the fact that PC's aren't standardized nor are many of the people that play PC games for that matter."

There's a major problem with that statement, and that has to do with publishers that port games from console to PC and cannot be asked to optimize the game when they port it to run on PC to take advantage of hardware. When you lock your game at 30 FPS on the PC when a system is more than cap... #1.5.4
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I wouldn't mind a new Wild Arms game. Very unappreciated first party RPG series that I didn't get the chance to play past WA2. Wouldn't mind a full collection and/or a next-gen WA title. #19.1
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Normally in MMO's, too, you need to take into account that until you hit the later levels, you're going to find that most things are boring. Most MMOs depend on things like the endgame to turn the tide. We all know how tedious the leveling can be to some in WoW (which is why they wanted to address it), yet it's the raiding and the endgame that many enjoyed from that game. Hard to judge a game that you need to play more than a few hours into to get a complete feel of what the game... #1.1.5
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He's suspended indefinitely, and I believe he's undergoing NFL funded counseling because he's a "first time offender" (basically the "we understand everyone makes mistakes" type of thing). Ray seems extremely apologetic (take that as you will), and Janice has been calling out the media about making this a thing. A similar thing happened with Michael Vick, and you don't hear anything bad with him since that incident.

The NFL seems committed... #5.2.2
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Umm, annoyedgamer, that's how the person making the videos makes their money. If you do that and actively promote that sort of...whatever it is, you're telling people to take the money out of the hands of those that are trying to use this as an additional source of income. If I like a person's work, I'm going to support them anyway I can to make sure they have the resources to continue to make videos and/or whatever else they make that I like.

I wonder why you... #2.1.3
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No, it won't do the high end, ultra graphics that something like two SLI Titans are going to do (but who in their right mind is going to be able to casually afford that kind of rig: my current CPU set me back $500 bucks, but it's also a great CPU to get if you want to render videos), and there is the chance of bottlenecking by a subpar part (most likely the CPU like my GPU was with an AMD Phenom x4 1 I had when I first made my first computer very early on... #1.1.30
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Wow at the number of misinformed people replying here.

You're not going to get the amount of high end performance that a nVidia Titan and a hexacore Intel i7 4390k will give you, but it will play most newer games. The thing is that these parts are usually the most expensive (talking about the HDD, GPU, processor, PSU, and the mobo). Most tech guys will do a PC like this to benchmark first, to test how well it'll actually run in stress tests. Cases, keyboards and mice,... #1.1.25
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The only problem I have with this article is that the site is affiliate with some right wing garbage such as Townhall.com and that, and that this guy terms the phrase "liberal tech press" as if all of us that were and are liberal sided with Zoe and Anita.

Other than that, it's a good piece. #16
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I thought about writing this huge comment about this, but I think TotalBiscuit summed it up perfectly. I suggest that you take a look at it: http://blueplz.blogspot.com...

I think the problem about people labeling everyone and making certain people untouchable, always reacting nastily towards those that use red herrings and non sequiturs to further their own agenda... #4
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It has to do with the integrity of the gaming journalistic media as well as the recent feminist movement. Zoe was willing to use her status as a female to entice the males in the gaming media world to write positive pieces for her and her game, and at least exaggerate (maybe even totally fabricate) the harassment she got.

Then, when anyone even remotely called her out for ANYTHING in this whole controversy, her circle (which included Phil Fish, AKA the stain on the underwear... #3.1
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You make good points in that. As I've mentioned previously, even the most secured services are not 100% locked down. You'll have those moments. The concern is when you have so many of those moments and you never see anything done about it.

No doubt there was some agenda other than "because we can" or "we want those numbers" that led them to this. Whether you agree with the morality in their actions is another matter entirely. But they wanted to dra... #1.6.2
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It wasn't the way to get the point across that PSN should be more secure. It is true that you can never be too careful in this high tech world.

That having been said, though, outrage over the hackers shouldn't be mistaken as leniency towards any company to protect these things to the best of their ability to make sure that these types of attacks are kept to the barest minimal that they possibly can. If a company is getting hacked time after time again, then it's... #1.6
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Says someone who, obviously, didn't actually watch the video. #9.1
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Until someone gets the message that this kind of stuff shouldn't really be happening in the games industry. #1.1
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