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"That just happened!"


First off, aren't we touchy today?

Now, when reviewers talk about time it might take to complete the game, they are not factoring in things like real life implications, the skill of the player, whether or not a player chooses to follow the same path of progression, etc. What other priorities do you have in daily life? What games are you playing (fighting games can be "completed" in one sitting, but with one character out of a full roster)? How skilled do you con... #1.1.14
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We already knew this, morgan. That's part of the problem here: they're giving the devs and publishers an inch, and they are taking a mile, just as they made that mistake of not making trophies mandatory when they first implemented that system.

The thing is that if EA Access becomes a success for them, and there's no reason to think it won't, then PS Now will be forced to rethink their strategy. Sony has already said they were getting requests for a subscriptio... #1.1.12
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So...he's not allowed to comment on articles saying why he's not a console gamer right now? Sad thing is that your comment got three agrees and his got 4 disagrees. Shows you just how out of touch some people are on this site. #7.1.1
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Big difference right now, though, in that EA is allowing you to pay 30/year for EVERYTHING in that library that they decide to add (might just be EA published games to start out with, but they could strike deals with other publishers down the line). Right now, with PS Now, you have to pay a separate fee for each game and keep all of those up.

If PS Now offered a subscription model where one price gave you unlimited access to all titles (which they've said was requested by... #5.1.2
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But isn't that what the PS Plus free game thing does now? Once your sub ends, so does your access to the games unless you renew. How is that any different? #5.1
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So, the main problem with this guy's view is that he's not looking at the abilities of the wrestlers (besides the Undertaker, and he's basing THAT off of a match in which it was rumored that he worked through a concussion and Lesner was protecting him once he realized the situation), and simply looking at if they were on WWE TV at any point and if they are over in any way right now. By that logic, Bad News Barrett would be getting some bad news of his own.

Thing i... #4
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Which is the biggest problem with giving publishers that much of a say, because they will always, ALWAYS, take a mile if you give them an inch. You HAVE to keep them in line. No if, and, or buts about it! #2.3.1
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That was one source. You expect me to really think that she did her research if she found ONE source for this information. When I do videos in which I cite sources, I cite all of them, or as many as I can, and I say when I cannot and the reasons why I cannot. That is just being about to back up what you say with hard evidence.

And you said it yourself: "And part of her point is that trolls take a *very* different approach toward women than men." Trolls take a very d... #1.1.9
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Probably should've tried to do more instead of pretending that it could never happen to them, then suddenly say "oh, poor us". They should've been more upfront with consumers about what was exactly going on (I can understand not giving TOO much info away, but it was trying to infiltrate the CIA the way they were sparse in giving out any info as to WTF was going on).

I like Sony as much as the next guy, but that doesn't mean I'll let them off the hook... #1.6.3
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@sorceror171: 1. What's with the hostility?

2. "Trolls and pitiful excuses for human beings," for one. But second, "some men who still live in the 1960s". More like that, since the majority of us and those I've read on some other, more moderated sites (I consider N4G to be among those more modded sites, mind you) seem to have the right idea that a civil minded, more intelligent discussion must be had, and many of them are males.

S... #1.1.7
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@sorceror171: So the words "many men" and her not even bringing up that people like TotalBiscuit and Angry Joe have expressed concern for this topic, too, doesn't strike you that perhaps she's going into this discussion with stereotypical opinions about men in the games industry? Citing people like Anita Sarkeesian and Leigh Alexander actually give you a good leg to stand on in this discussion?

Sounds more like you're trying to protect someone who you kn... #1.1.5
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@rlacorne: The problem is that people are piggybacking this issue that needs serious attention, stroking the interests by pretending to be on their side for the matter of getting the hit piece clicks to get the attention, then suddenly say that anyone who doesn't agree with their wording on it is automatically sexist or misogynistic.

Thing is, this is a SERIOUS issue that needs a SERIOUS debate without the buzz words, hysteria, or hyperbole. My guess is that many people d... #1.1.3
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Pre-orders are a problem when you seem to forgive things that you shouldn't forgive. For example, shoddy ports of games, DLC that was already on the disc, etc. If you've been burned before, why would you reward them? It's somewhat of an epidemic in the gaming community that we keep rewarding bad behavior (celebrating exclusive DLC content for a multiplatform title shouldn't be happening, but we keep seeing the "first on X console" thing be cheered every single time). #4
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Reason why media is hyping the 60fps thing is because many games run at 30fps because they have a lot of issues trying to maintain that sort of fps. For PC gamers, it's not as big of a deal because of hardware differences, but for consoles, it's not as easy to get that consistently. #5.2
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@Prime157: I agree. It seems like this was made in a vacuum. Was there any news about the ESRB even considering doing this anywhere that we missed? #1.1.5
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I think the problem is that this card is played every single time before they look at what else could be in play in how they hire people.

For one, did any females APPLY for these jobs? They could've been, but that's not specifically addressed too often. For females to have jobs in the gaming industry, they kind of have to formally apply for the positions.

Then there are the qualifications. How good can that person write? How is the work ethic? Do they... #16
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Next gen Disgaea, possibly? #3
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I don't know. FF13 wasn't the worst FF game. It was just a convoluted story that left you wondering sometimes what the hell was going on or "so, what the hell did they just say?" It took a good bit to really understand all of it, but it wasn't as if it was that bad or anything.

FF13-2 was actually a good game, too, and I liked the whole time travel aspect and monster catching and building in that one. I haven't sunk my teeth too much into Lightning... #1.1.2
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If the guy actually LISTENED to what Big Boss was telling you in the ending of MGS4, he would've caught onto whose body was burned in Act 3. They actually pointed out a lot about what happened there.

Good lord! #13
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Umm, Phillips, do we have to remind you about how you infringed our minds with the CD-i and the turds you shitted out called your Zelda games?

Do we really have to go there AGAIN? #25
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