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Okay, I see. Didn't know there was a term for it. These days, I could see anything and think that it could be someone's channel name or handle on Twitter or some shit.

Yeah, I don't like doing that. If I say I like a game or system, it means I do like it. I don't want to be a trend follower per se, unless the trend is something I'm genuinely interested in.

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Well, some are trying to get their claws into that scene, as well.

The thing is that some of the better known personalities (TB, Angry Joe) have made a reputation on being honest. TB, especially, since he's called out both publishers and media alike for doing BS to consumers. More people are going to new media now and let's players, which makes the "old guard" angry bears!

Of course, some of the ones that are trying to get in there for the ...

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Thing about it is that we know why they've tried this tactic. They know it's doing SOMETHING right, and they don't want to admit that there's a there there (too many instances of the word "there", huh?).

It's a non-sequitur and a form of projection. Any whack job can go on Twitter, put a hashtag somewhere to promote their post, then say that they speak for a movement. It's true that both sides have issues that they need to sort out in their c...

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Just remember, those that try to vilify GG have a vested interest in killing this thing.

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And this is why one of the biggest gaming series on YouTube is Total Biscuit's WTF is series. He doesn't claim them to be reviews, but rather "first impressions" of what he thought of the first few hours into playing the game. He's blunt and honest, but he's a stand up character. It's why he's been someone who some in the game industry tend to not like.

For me, I think there needs to be some independence between publishers and reviewers to be...

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So you're saying I cannot be both a progressive AND a supporter of Gamergate? This is an exclusive club for conservatives only?

Keep in mind that we had FOX News some time ago condemn video games over the Newtown, CN school shootings, and Glenn Beck had no good things to say about GTA4 back when he was with HLN. It's not like the conservatives are going to be our friends, either.

In fact, the only one in the mainstream, if you could call it that, that...

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Can we stop pretending, though, that this is a conservative vs. liberal issue. There are people on both sides of the political spectrum that are on the side of #Gamergate. For instance, I am on that side, and I've been a subscriber to The Young Turks for a long time.

This is a gamer vs. the media and the crazies that want to label anyone who dares to disagree with them as misogynistic issue. And remember, these gaming media sites have a vested interest in killing this co...

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Umm...I thought Gamergate was already making us DO that.

And showing us just how shitty the real world is and why we USE games as an escape from it!

Some people just don't learn.

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Mega Man games aren't actually that tough once you get used to the traps that keep recurring in them. Vets know to "look before you leap" and to incorporate things like knockback into strats.

Simon's Quest was just badly translated. The Japanese text did a lot more in explaining things due to the hardware limitations at the time (Zelda 2 was the same way).

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Not to mention that there are other streaming services now. Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime, WWE Network, Redbox, HBO Go, Crunchyroll, etc. There's a lot of competition that Netflix has to contend with (I do a good bit on Hulu), and thus, you have to figure in the competition taking some of that pie.

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Also remember that these are things that they can fix. I worry of how many people forgot of what a major part of MMOs are. The initial launches are never going to be perfect. WoW changed a LOT since it debuted in 2004, and look how expansive the world is in that game now. Look how much it fixed over time post launch with xpacs.

Thing is, we've seemed to take this single player game mentality about Destiny, where we're thinking that Bungie put out a game, then after th...

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So this is basically the video game version of a younger Expendables group! Gotcha!

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And, I'm sorry to say, your comment is part of the problem.

You're making an opinion out to be absolute fact, and slamming anyone who doesn't share your opinion AS fact. Just because you didn't like something doesn't necessarily mean someone else will see it the same way. You're treating anyone who likes it as having been "brainwashed" by the people making it. How have they been brainwashed? They just liked a game you didn't. No one is sa...

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So, outside of Gamergate (a manufactured ploy to distract people from Zoe Quinn's infidelity to get ahead on her game) and Destiny launching, do you see any other big headlines happening in the gaming world right now?

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Way to just assume based on...what?

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Not a bad year, but a slow year. Not too much in the way of gaming news (unless you count Gamergate and Zoe Quinn, which is the gift that keeps on giving for conspiracy story lovers like me), and not too many high profile games. We had Watch Dogs and Destiny. Other than that (pointless to put COD in there since we know that'll be big), nothing of note has came out for consoles.

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The difference between something like MGS4 and Bayonetta 2, and something like Tomb Raider is that without the support of either the system specs or the actual funding that the game received from that system manufacturer, those games don't get made. MGS4 needed a LOT of what the PS3 was capable of doing, and even then, Kojima said that the BD disc wasn't enough to give him what he needed for his true vision. In Bayonetta 2's case, Sega needed the...

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If anything, MS will probably try to make another tag and try to buy YouTubers out for positive coverage of the game if the tag thing from earlier this year is any indication (XB1M13).

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I would love for them to rerelease it in it's original, 2D sprite format (as in, a straight port of the SNES version or the FF Chronicles hard type version). They seem to want to do this new graphics type stuff, which is fine to those that want that sort of thing, but I've yet to see the original version released on PSN or anywhere.

Perhaps the easy-type on the Wii VC (haven't read up on what it has on there in years, though, outside of Earthbound), but the hard-...

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The games weren't terrible, in that I enjoyed a lot of what they had to offer, but the multiplat thing didn't do the game any favors because they did it after the fact that they made it, and thus had to scale back because the two systems weren't built the same, nor could the systems do things equally (which is why no one's complaining about KH or FF15 being multiplat now by comparison: you don't see that big of a difference in specs between the two next gen consoles). If y...

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