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he actually used Lambda, which is as average as you can get in this game. If his opponents didn't know what they were doing, they can be easily out zoned by him.

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MAKOTO!!!!! it needs to come out now.

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day one buy for me. rebalanced, but still unbalanced in some ways. though you can't perfectly balance fighting games.

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they buffed Hakumen. he's solid A tier.

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yay, day one purchase too. i'm too cheap for a stick, but i rock pretty hard with a controller. i'm still waiting on the balance changes though. i'd like to see Bang toned down a few notches and combos to go a little faster (Litchi..)

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gizmodo deserved it for whoring it out like they did. but it'll be interesting to see what happens because apparently, you can't confiscate journalist's stuff?

also, why not link the actual article.. you know, from gizmodo.

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read the article guys.. its about a game that has characters based on each of the consoles duking it out.

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tdog, i'm in the same exact boat as you. i'm 21 and still have my 4 year old razr.

and actually, htc's phones have been lacking, and they're in patent trouble with apple.

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Zelda is better than both, so i don't get the point of this article :p

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arguably the most celebrated freeware ever.

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i'm more partial to dotapod because it works on macs. :p its a really new platform, but it has a lot of potential.

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I severely disagree with the Luna nerf.

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that's surprisingly high. normally pc games require minimum tech that's like 2 or 3 years old. this stuff is like a year and a half old tops.

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i was upset at the lack of Locke or Terra.

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aha, too bad no one plays any more. when they get rid of 600/smite, the game will die for good until another fotm build comes along. they haven't released any new content for 2 and a half years now, and anet thinks the only way to make things fair is to slash everything into the ground. hopefully GW2 will change that.

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considering everyone in europe buys this game, i would guess yes. US has a huge following as well, but no one loves cars like europeans.

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you can beat any FF game in that amount of time.. 100% completion is another story.

it took me 80+ hours to do everything in FFX.

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haha. it was the z on the lulz that got him killed.

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even if you aren't a noob, if you have a poor game, the other players will rip you apart.. that being said, my computer can't run HoN, so i'm still very content with dota.

and icefrog is working on a way to reconnect after a drop. speculation says it'll be implemented in 6.67.

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definitely the way to go.

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