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FFXV is trash & the fact they put this garbage in there show how clueless the one who did this list is, it can't even called a Final Fantasy it's an open world hack n slash game that was made to bring new kiddies who love these kind of games to the series but by doing that they change so much even the genre of the series that can't be called an FF anymore, those who liked it good for you but know what you played was not an FF, it was just another open world action game from th...

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Here my personal TOP 7 of games I would love to see remade in HD.

7. Devil's Deception
6. Dino Crisis
5. Parasite Eve
4. Legend of Dragoon
3. Silent Hill
2. Metal Gear Solid
1. X...

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Even if Blizz gave it for free it will still be an insult that expect you to waste your time to play this trash that if we exclude that it share the same name with the iconic Diablo series it has nothing to do with the original Diablo games made from Blizzard North.

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I would like to see the reaction of this dude if you put him to play some 3D eroge from Illusion, it would be for sure very entertaining, hahahahaha :P

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For me, Final Fantasy by far, after FFX it was all trash anyway, SE need to stop making new FF from the moment they can't do it right, all they do since they merge with Enix is to embarrass themselves by showing how incapable they are anymore to create an FF that will truly capture the magic of the series, the truth is that they are not what they were many years ago, this has been said countless times already & that's how old school fans feel, so instead of drag through the mud th...

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All in all other than the good art, based on the review, it sounds really boring, well there is always the next one.

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Germany & Australia is the shame of the civilized world, I would never want to live in a country with such laws & I seriously pity the people who live there, it's one thing for Muslim Middle East countries to ban an adult game or for a non-democratic country like China, but for countries like GER & AU this is sad & really make you wonder about the people who rule those countries, is there no freedom there for adults to buy adult entertaining content? I mean WTF! how can yo...

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The question is not "When is it coming out?" but "Is it going to be another trash like D3 & end up be the final nail in the coffin & send the Diablo franchise to it's grave for good this time..?" because D3 harm enough the series already another hit like this one & the franchise is as good as dead, but if you think how shameless Blizzard South is nowadays & that they don't give a [email protected] if they drag beloved franchises through the mud as long they make...

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Suck it SJW, Religion-fanatics, Moralist, Feminists & any other kind of parasite that try to enforce his/her own opinion & way of life on everyone else, we live on a free world & people must have the freedom to choose where they can spent their money, what they wanna play, read & see, censorship is a plague of our society & everyone must help to put a stop to it, I'm glad that Valve finally understand that listening to SJW/religion-fanatics & other vermin is not go...

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Aargh.. they seriously put FFXIII & FFXII above FFX? this on itself is enough reason to not take seriously this clueless guy who did this list, also FFIX can't be compared with FFVII also the end is shit! all in all the list suck!

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Square hasn't released a good FF since X so for almost 20 years now, so I don't see the point for Ninty-fans to wanna play the crap Square is putting out, main FF titles suck for many years now, I'm sure you can find much better games to invest your time, FF is not worth it anymore, move on.

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HOLY FUCK! This looks spectacular, magical, superb, amazing, mind-boggling & most of all gorgeous! can't w8 to learn more, this is something I could spent hundreds of hours playing because it looks so much fun & the graphics are so impressive & detailed & the environment looks so immersive, I can't w8 to try it!

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The last FF was X, the series died after that, any FF (in name only) released after X is trash, at least old school fans still have DQ if they wanna experience a real traditional JRPG what FF used to be before Square kill it, if only Enix speed up the development process & release new DQ games at least every 3 years that would be perfect, fans waited 10 years to see a sequel on consoles after DQVIII that's way too long...

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There are countless cases were devs not just don't listen what fans want & ignore them completely but in some cases they even mock them & treat them like trash, for example Blizzard, when D3 was in development thousands upon thousands of fans who loved Diablo deeply & kept on playing D2 non-stop for over a decade have realize that the direction Blizz heading with D3 is wrong & lots of stuff need to change before the game released, they made suggestions & they said clea...

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The right word is " looks horrible!" & the bastardization of everything Blizz doing the last years to look like WoW have ruin Diablo there is no immersion anymore because the dark Gothic environment is no more, also the game looks as kiddie as it gets to attract small kids this was not how Diablo used to be if you go & check how the original was back in 96, what they did in D3 have completely killed the spirit of the series, now it's a stupid brainless casual game fo...

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If the sequel is going to be another lukewarm, cartoonistic, disgusting piece of shit like D3 is better not release it at all, either create something similar to the first two original Diablo games or remake Diablo II, you did enough harm to the series with that WoWfied abomination you create few year back, the series can't stand another hit like that one, the next time you will just put the final nail in the coffin & send the series to it's grave for good.

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I agree that we give way too much attention to those *kind* of people, I hate how they believe it's cool to have some kind of homosexual scenario in any form of media nowadays from TV series, Movies, Games, whatever, this had gone way too far & I think it's time to stop, why everyone else who don't like to watch this abnormal stuff must be forced to eat in daface this shit on all our favorite type of media entertainment & ruin it for us? why they do that? what they are try...

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Yes I am angry, I am angry since D3 released & this is Blizzard's fault because they ruin one of my all time favorite game series how can I not be angry after they did what they did & believe me now I'm not near that angry like I was back then, I used to be so angry when D3 first released that if I had in front of me the one responsible for this abomination they created I would definitely beat him to near-death state without regret it in the slightest after.

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1. To not be a Cartoonistic trash like D3 is.
2. To not be a WoWfied trash like D3 is.
3. To not be as colorful full of rainbows & unicorns like the trash D3 is.
4. To have *real* class builds that stuck & not the current learn/unlearn any skill you want at anytime like in the trash D3.
5. To have *real* random generated maps indoors & outdoors, not how the trash D3 currently is.
6. To have player driver economy with free trade between ...

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