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First D3 is beyond trash material, second if I don't like D3 this doesn't mean I'm gonna like Inquisitor – Martyr, third those who truly believe that D3 is a complex games are all [email protected], & finally if Inquisitor – Martyr is indeed such simplified game to the point of people saying that it's simpler even than D3 then it's guarantee I'm not gonna like it, I want games with depth & complexity not casual trash like D3.

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Instead of figures how about an HD remake? this game is amazing & deserve for a remake more than any other game out there imo, also I know that very few people had the chance to play this gem so it's a good opportunity for more & more people to experience this masterpiece.

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For me all that is a pile of poo, it doesn't matter how old a character on a video game is because guess what it's not real it's fictional those who can't understand that & bring any kind of argument are plain & simple retards, since when any government on any democratic country can forbid us from using anything the fuck we want for our entertainment from the moment we don't harm anyone? the Japanese government understand that very well why EU/NA can't get that...

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The exact opposite with few words from FFXV which is the worst of it's kind & you can't even say that it belong to it's genre, actually I doubt even those who made it know wtf is it...

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If we go 20 years back in time & the question was which games/characters in PlayStation is the best & most popular then the answer would be FFVII/MGS & Cloud/Snake :) those 2 games was definitely the best games back then when SONY first launch PlayStation, today FFVII & MGS might not be exclusives anymore but they remain to this day the best games of the original PlayStation.

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Half of those games have nothing to do with Diablo, Diablo is an isometric real time action RPG, there is battle royal games in the list, there is turn based RPGs, there is games were their combat is very slow paced & precise, Diablo is a hack n slash game, the author have no idea what he is writing & every single game on the list require to click a new link, the article have a misleading title & it was made with the sole purpose to increase the views on the site & not to info...

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I don't know what you are saying the only thing I know is that the most impressive games I saw from this years E3 was TLOU2 & Ghost of Tsushima, also even the new Spider-Man game which I'm not interested looked amazing & it's probably the first MARVEL next-gen super-hero game I ever saw that really looked like a triple-A game were serious work has been done & it shows, then last we had the highly anticipated new trailer from Death Stranding were no matter how weird &am...

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The comparison is not fair if you think that you could do anything in RE2 with both characters+secret missions in less than 10 hours when FFVII was a game were you needed minimum 45-50 hours to complete it once without do any side content if you decide to do everything you need over 200 hours.

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Beyond garbage, trash for the ages.

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It's crazy if you think about it that it was 13 years ago we got a DQ game on PS2, we w8 for 13 whole years in order to experience again a new DQ game on PlayStation, I'm glad that the time finally came but I really hope that it won't take again so much time to get a new DQ game on PlayStation, else we will be old with grey hair the next time...

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You are writing for an English audience in English language, a game that has been released only in Japan till now is like it has never been released ever for EU/NA gamers, cut the excuses you are just clueless, this is such an important release for the West & you completely exclude it from your list, you just fail at what you are doing that's the truth like it or not.

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That's the most important game release in the next 3 months & the fact the guy who did this article didn't even include it on his list shows how clueless he is.

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If you think that FFVII:R announced 3 years ago back in E3 of 2015 & three E3 later there is still nothing about it... it's beyond disappointing :/

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TLOU2 for me was the most impressive, the fights I saw in the trailer was spectacular almost unreal, so if that's how every encounter in the game is going to be then ND is going to craft once more something out of this world, the first TLOU was an amazing experience for me, one of the best games ever, can't w8 to see if TLOU2 can make me say the same when we finally get it in our hands :)

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Btw I live a gift here for anyone interested to see all the content they had to remove in order to publish the game, in short this game in it's current form is heavy censored, but the devs plan to self-publish a new uncut version, I'm glad the devs have no plan to give up & going to this degree, I don't remember any other company doing ...

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What?! first person? yuck.. instant pass.

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An obviously Terminator-Inspired game it even have the same music theme slightly altered, it looks interesting & it's time to see a survival game were it's not a zombie-apocalypse, so many of those games out there.

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And you had me with your Avatar pic, I love Asuka! :)

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Release day for FFVII:R

Remake of Xenogears
Remake/Sequel of Legend of Dragoons
Remake of Parasite Eve

Sequel/Reboot of Suikoden
Sequel/Reboot of Breath of Fire
Sequel/Reboot of Grandia
Sequel/Reboot of Lunar

A man can dream...

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