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Not Impressed. #15
I played the alpha and feel the game deserves a good rating. Overhype? thats just personal opinion. I haven't bought the game yet because sometime next year they will release the ultimate package of sorts. #5.1
Watch, they will complain how outdated the game is and give it an unjust review. I personally could care less when IGN plays a game. #1
Weak! #50
That don't make sense. #3.2
My problem with the vita is it's trying to do what consoles do and comes up short. It seems like 3ds games were built within it's capacity, while the Vita try's to squeeze in first party console games. Call of Duty & Madden was a complete shit job for the Vita. #7.2
I own both and my 3dsxl gets mad play. I'm bout to trade my vita in for a Playstation TV. #11
Stupid. #4
This is a typical Sony move. Every project (Move, 3D display, ) they provide the tech , if no one is buying they sweep it under the rug and leave it to third party development to take advantage. BE CAREFUL with project Morpheus. #12
Fun! #7
Just wow.. #20
Not buying. #7
Amazing! Erased any doubts - dis going to be a pre-order. #4
well said. #9
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I totally agree man. They should have went with 60 fps and fixed up the animations better. Controls like a ps2 game. #9.1
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Well, they should make a product thats worth it. I canceled the thought of purchase after playing this demo. From a business standpoint it makes no sense to sell garbage products. #3.2.1
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Dude, I find this game average. Hardcore UFC fans will love this. The animations running at 30 fps just does not work for me. All sport games need to run at 60 fps, period!
It feels clunky, and un realistic. #4
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Played 10 -12 matches and i'm walking away truly dissatisfied with the whole game in general. I'm sorry , all sport games need to run in 60 Frames not 30. The games biggest flaw is how unrealistic it is . A round house kick to the face is going to knock your ass out. The reactions to punches ands kicks feel generic. The only person I can see enjoying this game are hardcore fans.
I'm glad their was a demo cuz I probably would have wasted my money and time. #11
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Bet! #4.1.1
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Online play is flawless too. I didn't notice one hiccup during my time online. If any of you cat's want to add me to your friends list - (johndawad) #4
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