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I agree . Played the demo in Vr and it's absolutely the real deal. It took me a while to get used to playing it at normal speed , but it works . The ambience of the house really F me up .

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I can help you get through Nightfalls. I have Three characters, so i always need to do them. If you on ps4, snd an invite to psn: johnwa

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I agree

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I disagree. The 3ds has sold like hotcakes and why? Because it has the software. So the whole "people play games on their phones" don't make sense. The Vita needs a bigger screen, better analog sticks, sd expansion , more games..make psn games compatible. I would know since I used to own a Vita and traded it in for a 3ds.

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Micro transactions just needs to go away.

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I don't understand why you need to cheese .. The Raid is not that hard to begin with.

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Its is a bad ass sniper.

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This is no contest. Ps1 all day every day.

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Sniper Elite 3 is in 3d as well. (ps4)

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Half of the games I have are not supported. Hopefully they correct this.

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Netflix works but still cant sign in to PSN

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Just started playing Destiny yesterday and now this BS! F this always online shit !

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This game can be addicting at times.

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Looks horrible. Same animations too.

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Not Impressed.

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I played the alpha and feel the game deserves a good rating. Overhype? thats just personal opinion. I haven't bought the game yet because sometime next year they will release the ultimate package of sorts.

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Watch, they will complain how outdated the game is and give it an unjust review. I personally could care less when IGN plays a game.

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