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Do i have to play all the games or can i start with this one?

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He's really good at commentating without talking too much. Just enough to give me the proper information.

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Looks like I have to reinstall starcraft and be terrible at it again.

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This is actually because he can't technically die canonically unlike the rest.

If you have low EMS then your squadmates die while running to the crucible. James was probably rarely taken on that mission while the more popular characters were, explaining why they "died" more often than him.

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It is indeed insensitive and borderline cheap writing to make such a headline with that picture.

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The person who wrote this does not have a very good understanding of african hair if he thinks that lulu has corn rows. They are indeed only braids tied back.

Corn rows follow the scalp, these are just a collection of hair braids that hang loose.

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How can you possibly be serious about what you are saying right now?

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Because most people just blast through the menus to start playing. A lot of people didn't realize that playing a femshep was even there because they never paid attention to the menu options. Just default default default play.

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My boyfriend didn't have Wrex because he never played mass effect 1. His view on the krogan was completely different because Wreav was the leader. This made him believe that the Krogan were a bad race that lacked redeeming qualities. I was shocked and almost angry at him for thinking this, since I love Wrex and I love the Krogan.

It is amazing to me how the entire interpretation of a major race in a game can be so different over one decision. A decision that is also diff...

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You have to love free games. I always get them just because.

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Man the screens on this look really good. 3ds is is starting to push it. I'm for sure picking this up, but not just because of the graphics. Obviously because it is monster hunter.

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For a dollar it seems alright.

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I think him having black hair would have been cool, but it would not have fit his character's personality.

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The prices, from what i've checked, are comparable to a pre order at gamestop. 5 dollars at gamestop will get you a reserved copy, 6-8 dollars will reserve your copy all the way up until release and that will be the price of the game.

It's really a matter of funding semi indie projects and giving data back to the devs, imo.

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Kingdom Hearts 2 when Sora finds Riku.

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The game was just too small in scale.

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I would say stay skeptical but hope to be surprised.

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Please reread the title and article.

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This new deadspace does not look like anything I enjoyed in the previous games.

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As I said in the article. 800 dollars is a lot of money for indie devs trying to break into the market. Especially ones that are paying out of pocket.

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