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If only the game played as well as it looked :(

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There is a reason not to, money.

If they release their games on iOS, what is the point of buying their hardware? Stupid article.

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MS will be fine. The Kinect will be a major selling factor in a few years after developers are given a chance to work with it.

I think what really hurt MS was releasing the Kinect 1.0 in it's current state. The technology just wasn't up to par when MS released it and it wasn't nearly as good as Microsoft promised it would be. The negative stigma from this has really hurt peoples opinions of Kinect 2.0.

Kinect 2.0 is a shit ton better than the prev...

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If this was happening to the Xbox One you guys would be all over it.

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I can't believe some of you think that people from sony and ms hate eachother because they make competing products.

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If this was happening on Xbox One you morons would be all over it.

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Launch reviews are dumb but they do bring up a good point. The PS4 has no decent launch exclusives, which doesn't help. I'm still buying one because hype, but I'd wish Sony would spend more time hyping up their games and less about how great their console is.

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Microsoft will not drop the mandatory Xbox One for Kinect. Ever. It's a major selling point for them to developers as well as the casual consumer.

People forget that the Kinect 1.0 sold 24 million units, mostly to the casual gamer, despite it being a $150 camera that didn't work that well.

While yes, the extra $50.00 price does not benefit Microsoft now, the fact that every Xbox One console will have a Kinect 2.0 does.

Most of these...

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Bought mine a few months ago from Best Buy for $150. It was clearance on the Madden Bundle.

It's a great console, with a ton of good features. It just lacks any good games.

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You guys should be happy that we have two healthy consoles that compete against eachoter. Who cares if one sold more than the other? That doesn't effect the gamers one iota. What does effect the gamer is the quality of games and hardware we get, which is pretty high because of competition.

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Who approved this garbage? Microsoft will NEVER ship the XB1 without a Kinect.

The reason the first Kinect failed was because of low % of installed userbase as well as the fact that the thing did not come with an on-board processor like originally planned.

Now that the XB1 has a 100% installed userbase with Kinect, devs can put more time and effort into a Kinect game without worrying if anyone will buy the it or not. Add to the fact that the Kinect 2.0 is far...

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I like how you ripped this off of reddit without giving credit. Great "journalism"

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If it's not coming out this year, then why did they bother revealing it in the middle of February?

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Uh oh. He posted a Countdown to E3 on his Blog. MUST MEAN SOMETHING ABOUT NEW CONSOLE.

Can't believe this shit got approved.

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It's sad that some people are confusing WarZ with DayZ. I sure hope it doesn't effect DayZ when the standalone comes out. It's a very fun and unique game.

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I'm glad he cleared that up for us.

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When does it come to NA? And how much?

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Games cost more to make. $60 has been the main pricepoint for games for a loonnnnnnnng time now.

It boggles my mind how you bitch about spending $60 on a game and only chose to play half of it. It's not MS's fault that you chose to only play the single player.

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It was initially supposed to come out before Diablo 3, like way before. But it's perfect release date would have been early July/ start of August when nothing else was coming out. Now they have to compete with AAA blockbusters. I still have it pre-loaded, but it's going to be hard finding time to play with all these other games coming out!

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