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Why Xbox One is the Porsche, all I need is the keys to drive

So according to a large portion of gamers on this site Xbox is dead as soon as it arrives.

Console's have already begun to change 2 generations ago, there is not one console who is not always online to get the full maximized gaming potential, there is not one console who does not provide entertainment apps. Almost every single console has adapted that philosphy way before MS did. Sorry to burst any ones bubble the future of consoles is more than just gaming. Don't get me wrong, I am all for a powerful gaming system. What truly gets to me is how a company like MS gives you there plan for Xbox One and the wave of hate continues to ignite for a system that just provided you with phase one of there plans. The amount of negative bias towards MS is totally uncalled for gamers are truly creating negative stories with out seeing the entire picture.

I know MS gave us more on entertainment then they did about games on there reveal show. I get that gamers want to feed there appetites but lets be honest, it is not like they did not make some mention of what there plans are for E3.

MS shared/discussed the following:

That E3 is all about the games (Isn't E3 for gamers)
They showed off the console and how it works
Call of Duty Ghost
EA Sports Games
They mention 15 Exclusive for first year alone, 8 brand new IP's and 7 existing franchises
A New IP, from Remedy, Quantum Break
A New Forza 5
A New Controller
Kinect 2.0
The newly announced Halo Show being developed by Steven Spielberg
Xbox powered by Cloud
300 thousand servers will be available for Xbox live meaning better matchmaking

Directly following the show a ton of information followed:

Ryse to be revealed at E3 a controller based game powered by kinect
Tusk Studios New IP
Rare bringing back a franchise.
Skype intergration will power cross chat
Microsoft investing billions on game developement
Remote play to allow friends to assist you in games
Bungie's Destiny also coming to Xbox one
Ubisoft all games coming to Xbox one
The console is not always online but yes will require a connection for Multiplayer and update's (just like any current gen systems)

I ask what is it about the announcements that makes you feel that Xbox One is not for hardcore gamers. When you launch a system and give a media briefing not all information comes out at once. If you look at CES for example they announce products but not all information on the product is available until a later date. Before you make your judgments/decisions remember one thing Xbox had to come out and show the console first. After all, when you go to a dealer to purchase a car you have to know what kind of car you want and what it can do before you make your decision. That leads to getting the keys to start the car of your choice. As of right now Xbox has that Porsche that will make you want to get the keys (which is software) to start that car. When I saw Sony's PS4 conference they gave me keys (which is software and hands down they did a fantastic job showing off games) but no car to drive, just features that I can plainly find in any device.

I see a ton of articles nitpicking games that MS showed, by indicating they only showed off cutscenes, EA games or Athletes and Call of Duty. Remember for years people have plain out claimed that Xbox 360 has fallen off on new IP's. So MS stating that they are changing that with Xbox One by investing billions and having about 15 Exclusives available the first year of XBox One's lifecycle all of sudden is a bad thing? I don't understand gamers they often agree to disagree. At the Sony show I saw more multiplatform games then I did exclusives. Guess what all of those games are also coming to XBox One and many were shown via cutscenes. So again what is it that brings gamers to believe Xbox One is not for games. When MS is just showing phase one of there console's strengths by teasing us with a few announcements and clearly stating you will see another part at E3. Your choice for a system should be the one that caters to you period. Right Now I Like Remedy, I like Turn 10, I like 343, EA has always delivered and so on. I also love Xbox live and a few apps that I use. Just like I am positive so many gamer's love there system of choice and believe it or not actually use it for more then just gaming. I get that everyone wanted to see games more then the system's functionality. I also agree that they should have shown off a little more. I disagree with the wave of hate because they actually told you days before the show that the story will be told in 2 events.

If MS clearly stay's on path with E3 and it is about the games. Meaning less talk at a gaming show about tv and more about games and how Xbox One works with them. It is the competition(Sony with PS4) who will have a lot more to prove because they have to show the console how it will work with games and at the same time share space with psvita and ps3, while trying to cram it in a 90 minute show. So why not wait till after E3 to express your feelings about Xbox One, take that with what they have showcased and if it does not impress you, by all means, continue feeding the media and create what is truly killing gaming, negativity not MS.

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Gimmemorebubblez1792d ago (Edited 1792d ago )

......................Nice blog and for the sake of gaming I hope your right. Its just in the past MS has spewed time and time again promises that never came to pass. Also I can tell you are an avid Xbox gamer because of your Halo profile pic.

Edit: The Xbox One internet connection requires you to connect once every 24 hours.<<<<<< Thats different from this gen.

Also the anti-consumer stuff should not be supported by ANYONE and don't think Sony wont have some sort of answer to MS's entertainment. The Ps3 was the all in one entertainment system and Sony has largest back-catalogue of TV shows, Music and Movies.
The Xbox ONE HAS ONLY shown how it changes from TV to gaming. You still need a cable box. Its pointless. However Im sure MS will have a few surprises at E3.

HammadTheBeast1791d ago (Edited 1791d ago )

This article reeks of denial to be honest, a lot of what the author has said are assumptions, and tiny useless things we already knew twisted into good news.

But good job for writing your opinion though.

SilentNegotiator1791d ago (Edited 1791d ago )

IDK, Porsche totally checks my keys before I get permission to drive the car I bought.

GalacticEmpire1791d ago (Edited 1791d ago )

Does Microsoft have your daughter?

Do you want me to call Liam Neeson?

On topic: Most of the hate is from the anti-consumer practices that MS has put into place on Xbone not because there wasn't enough games shown. They will certainly have more games at E3 but does that really make up for online DRM and used games penny pinching? A lot of people don't think it does.

Automatic791791d ago (Edited 1791d ago )

It seem to me that you work for MS and you know the whole story. LOL

I would say that right now there is a lot of misinformation about the whole DRM thing and used games policy. I am sure that will all get cleared up in due time.

GalacticEmpire1791d ago

"I am sure that will all get cleared up in due time."

Yes, I'm sure it will and I look forward to reading your blog about how DRM, mandatory Kinect and blocked used games are awesome for the games industry.

SilentNegotiator1791d ago

Still playing up that angle?
Are you sure that YOOOOOOU don't work for Microsoft or one of their buddies in the media?

Phil Harrison already opened his mouth about the whole thing; we already know your company's intentions, Microsoft employee.

e-p-ayeaH1791d ago (Edited 1791d ago )

A porsche with poor gas milage.

-Mandatory installs
-always online (at least 1 time per day but still anoying)
-exclusive games and content w/ barely anything interesting
-used games now require an extra fee for you to play them (online pass was dumb but this is worse)
-online multiplayer still requires payment

Not to mention most of the features that were anounced are only for North America.

RoninRaven1791d ago

Hello MichaelLito79,

We are all friends here, please come in, have a seat. Would you like some tea? cookies? a drink? No? Alright then, now have to let it go man, it's for your own good...I wanted it to be awesome also, but it sucks. The DRM sucks, Kinect always on sucks, used game fees suck, it's all a big ball of godlike garbage.

But we are in luck my friend, there are options, there's the PS4, the PC, hell even that Wii-U nobody care about anymore until MS announced the X1. So relax my friend, everything will be O.K, I promise.

Best Wishes, your friend RoninRaven

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