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Blithering and Blathering, waiting for FF14 Beta

Now how about random Blithering and Blathering blogging to entertain myself. Alcohol. Check.

Anybody else waiting for the Final Fantasy XIV beta to open up this morning? You gotta re-register everything with square. They wanna know where you live and shit.

What about Xbox live raising the price on Nov. 1st? Not cool. Thanks to new features - that I won't even use - ESPN, HULU, and ?!KINECT?! We have to pay more for XBOX Live. I'm still going to just be playing the Reach Jimmy.

There should be a separate package, just to play games online. I have a frickin' satellite with the frickin' ESPN on it, I don't need it on my XBOX too.

How many of you peoples out there are getting the Call of Duty Black Ops? How many of you are getting the remote control car edition? It's a little ridiculous, no? Assassin's Creed 2 comes with a Jack-in-the-box. That's bad ass, too bad the game is Zzzzzz.

Ha Dou Ken.

Reach is going to be crazy. I'm probably going to die soon. No, I shouldn't say that. One of my friends had a heart attack recently playing Starcraft II. Ridiculous, I know. He's already back on the Starcraft II. Sometimes I feel a little woozy while playing the Halo Wars. I frickin' LOVE Halo Wars. If you haven't heard me say that before. All units.

ArthVader. lol.

Mortal Kombat is going to be cool. For a little while. I hope they develop a tournament fighting game, that would be cool to see it at EVO. For a few years consecutively. It is the NINTH Mortal Kombat game. Allegedly.

If you don't know what Brink is, you should look it up. It's a Hardcore Parkour FPS, that's right a HPFPS. It's bad ass, the cut scenes are amazing, but never mind that. Cutscenes are bullshit. Watch the gameplay video of the developer talking about SMART and demonstrating the crazy flips and junk. Awesome stuff. Can't wait to play that.

Crysis 2 will require you to put your PC in your refrigerator to keep it cool while errrr IF your PC can even play it at all.

I miss the Mario Kart 64 days. Why isn't Sim City still cool? I like Borderlands and Halo sessions. I don't know how I'm going to be when the Final Fantasy 14 comes out. I gotta go to sleep. The Square site is going to reset around 2am PDT. Peace! PWN! JIMAH!

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SeanRL2785d ago

Assassin's creed: Brotherhood, not Assassin's creed 2.