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Here they are, the N4G GOTY winners as chosen by YOU, the N4G users! That's right, all nominations and votes come from registered N4G users! Thousands of votes were cast and here we are, the games of 2014:

News Story of the Year
LizardSquad DDoS on PSN/XBL

Best Voice Acting
Trey Parker, various, South Park: The Stick of Truth

Most Replayable
Super Smash Bros. for WiiU

Best New VG Character
Fetch, inFamous: Second Son

Best Story
Dragon Age: Inquisition

Best DLC
The Last of Us: Left Behind

Best Soundtrack

Best Art Direction:
inFamous: Second Son

Best Single Player Experience
Dragon Age: Inquisition

Best Multiplayer Experience

Fail of the Year
Assassin’s Creed: Unity

Best New Studio
Respawn Entertainment

Gameplay Innovation
Nemesis System, Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor

Best New IP
Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor

Most Anticipated Game in 2015:
Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

Best Handheld Game
Super Smash Bros for 3DS

IGGY! (Indie Game of the Year)

Dragon Age: Inquisition

Q: But wait, how did this happen?
A: First, we called for nominations from all our users:
Then, we opened up the voting:

**The random draw winner ( ) will be notified via N4G ticket

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zeal0us1145d ago (Edited 1145d ago )

Dragon Age: Inquisition

Saw this coming from a mile away.

Fail of the Year
Assassin’s Creed: Unity

Despite public outcry this game still ended up sell well :(

2014 was an okay year for gaming but majority of its good games didn't come until the last half of the year.

Massacred1145d ago (Edited 1145d ago )

Decent year, but there are a number of things we need to all start watching out for and calling out people/company hardcore for doing.

I say we need to take a strong stand against micro-transactions creeping into tipple A experiences like Dragon: Age or even worse: Evolve.

And the number of games released that did not work was out of control, Drive Club, Master Chief Collection, The Crew, Call of Duty and most notably Assassins Creed Unity.

Or games that were just disappointing. For every Alien: Isolation and South Park we also got a Destiny or Watchdogs.

Farsendor11145d ago

I had trouble with Drive Club for about 2 weeks but COD advanced warfare worked from day 1. I had no problems with that game.

I know i'm not the only person in the world but I really don't remember many complaints about that game not working.

Stsonic1145d ago

I'm still confused why people are in turmoil over the Evolve DLC. how is having cosmetic DLC like skins any worse than the Last Of Us selling new guns which unbalance it's multiplier? Or do devs like Naughty Dog get a free pass on this stuff?

UKmilitia1144d ago

AW worked perfect for mee from day one.
it was the 2nd patch that made things crappy on my end.

WildArmed1145d ago

As much as I hated Destiny, I ended up nominating it for a few categories anyway :O

How long can I lie to myself?

S2Killinit1144d ago

People kept saying it was the worst game ever, just because the reviews told them it was, and yet people are still playing it today on a daily basis.

pivotplease1144d ago (Edited 1144d ago )

I actually enjoyed and obsessed over Destiny for about two weeks straight (longer than most games last) despite its obvious shortcomings. It at least nailed it in terms of gameplay and audio/visual presentation while having a few different ways to play(sp, co op, "free-roam", co op strikes/raids, pvp)and incentives to continue grinding.

Off-topic: I still have to dig further into transistor I guess but the binding of Isaac was actually my favourite indie of the year.

WildArmed1144d ago

I still play the game and have more hours than most. But that's only because I play with friends, there are really no other good coop games at all.

With that said, the loot system is the worst in this game. And it does not change the lack of content for this game.

I enjoy for what it is, the coop makes me forgive it's short comings time and time again

s45gr321145d ago

It wasn't a bad year if you were a PC gamer from broken age, the banner saga, the amazing Among the sleep, fatal frame successor Dread Out, Endless Legend, Divinity Original Sin, The Legend of Grimrock 2, Enola, Endless Legend, Wasteland 2, etc. oh and Consortium.

I did finish the second season of the walking dead and the wolf among us.

Guess console gamers had a rough year lol.

MSBAUSTX1144d ago

None of those games were played by 80 percent of this websites followers. We get it though, there were good games on PC. This is the wrong website to expect any of those games to get any credit or notariety. I appreciate you mentioning them but it feels more like you are forcing them into our conversation instead of just letting this thread be about what the information in the article is actually talking about.

Time and place for everything man and talking about PC exclusives in this thread is not the right place or the right time. Please pass this information on to your PC gaming buddies. Nothing offensive or rude but please dont bring up PC games in an obvious console thread.

SlapHappyJesus1144d ago (Edited 1144d ago )


So the majority of this site lives in their little bubble where PC has literally no quality exclusives, and the only games that matter are console-centric . . . but we shouldn't bring it to light in an article covering the best games of last year?
So PC has games - great ones - but let's shy away from entertaining any conversation on that because to do so is "forcing it down people's throats".

I disagree, but.

Septic1144d ago

Yeah GOTY and Fail of the Year are pretty good.

Best new studio of the year: Respawn Entertainment. YEAH! They deserve that for sure!

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PoSTedUP1145d ago (Edited 1145d ago )

I lost. can we do a do-over?

Concertoine1145d ago

Too bad Bayonetta 2 didn't win anything, but i know that those that did play it enjoyed it :D

ashen1221145d ago

True not enough people played it vary fun. And transistor indie of the year .....mission accomplished

ABizzel11144d ago

Just got around to Transistor, and I absolutely love this game. Oh my god it's so good, and oozes style.

MSBAUSTX1144d ago

I thought shovel knight was more fun personally. Transistor was good too though. Also i personally voted for Bayo 2. Lol

mezati991145d ago

Alien isolation is nowhere to be seen...disappointed at you N4G :(

hooba931145d ago

the users voted, you can't blame the actual website

Massacred1145d ago

Alien: Isolation
Wolfenstein: The New Order
Shovel Knight
South Park: The Stick of Truth (well I suppose Trey Parker Won)

-Foxtrot1145d ago

Like hooba has already said, the users voted.

Have you ever though with all the games last year Isolation didn't come close to the majority of them.

Look I've said before, it's a good game but bloody hell people over hype the shit out of it. The game is a solid (out of 10) 7/7.5 but it only looks better then it actually is because we've never had a good Alien game for a long time. So yeah of course Isolation is going to look amazing, the last game was Colonial Marines, compare anything to that and the game is going to look more amazing then it actually is.

The locations looked the same, it was repetitive, had roughly the same objectives (open doors "Shit it's locked, better head back to find a way to open it"), the Alien looses it's fear half way through the game.

Like I've said, it's not a bad game and I'm not saying it is but it's not as good as people let on, we just haven't had a good Alien game in a long time.

Plus for me as a huge Alien fan the story with her daughter....yeah not really doing it for me since in my mind she doesn't exist cannon wise.

antz11041144d ago

Yes she does Foxtrot there's a deleted scene from the beginning of Aliens where Burke does a background check on her so Ripley can know what happened to her after she disappeared.

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