True stereoscopic 3D comes to Unreal Engine

TVGB: "Epic Games has added 3D support to Unreal Engine 3 and the Unreal Development Kit, meaning any developer currently using the tech can implement the third dimension into their games (which isn't as exciting as it sounds)."

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PopRocks3592259d ago

I own a 3DS and I've tried a Sony 3D TV.

3D really is not my thing. The less of it, the better.

jetlian2259d ago

hope they dont listen to you. Loving 3d thanks

PopRocks3592259d ago

I'm sure you enjoy spending an extra 10 - 20% on nothing more than a visual depth upgrade.

TheGamingArt2259d ago

@PopRocks.. I would. Just like I enjoyed the same thing for a HD (pixel) upgrade.

Wh15ky2259d ago

"3D really is not my thing. The less of it, the better."

It is only ever an option, the users always have the ability to decide for themselves whether to use it or not. Therefore, why "The less of it, the better."?

PopRocks3592259d ago

First of all, because it's my opinion.

Secondly, because it's only optional so long as people believe that there is a large group of people who are unwilling to pay for it. If 3D generated as much money as I'm sure Sony and Nintendo wish it would, then 3D would become a visual standard in entertainment viewing.

I am not a fan of this concept given that 3D burns my eyes and gives me headaches. I'm thankful 3D is and always has been an option, but I am also wary of a possible outcome where it becomes a standard.

Also, I think it's funny that I've received so many disagrees when people are consistently telling me how gimmicky 3D is. Ironic how things turn around on you.

Wh15ky2259d ago (Edited 2259d ago )

"First of all, because it's my opinion."

No need to get so defensive, ofcourse it's your opinion, what else did you think I thought it was? Fact?

Also, you have no need to worry I don't think anybody wants 3D to become the only method of viewing, it will always remain an option. I do think that all new TVs will soon be 3D ready, but that won't mean you'll have to use it.

"Also, I think it's funny that I've received so many disagrees when people are consistently telling me how gimmicky 3D is. Ironic how things turn around on you."

Well... this may shock you but different people have different opinions.

richierich2259d ago

I agree with PopRocks359 about the depth thing. But I think 3D would be a lot cooler if they used more pop out effects there hasnt been a 3D game that really impressed me to be honest. I would say that Superstardust is probably the only one that looks good so far and thats a low budget game

morganfell2259d ago (Edited 2259d ago )

The best 3D to date, and it is really amazing, is the 3D implementation for Avatar. The game looks mindblowing in 3D.

Oddly enough the worst 3D has been Gears of War 3. Atrocious looking. There is nothing that bad on the market. And I hate that because myself and a few friends run Horde Mode almost every other week. It's one of the best Co-op beer drinking games around.

The 3D for HALO Anniversary looked great but there is obviously a complication with the Unreal 3 engine for the 360 as 3D for the 360 version of Bioshock Infinite was waved off. Maybe this new implementation will change matters.

jetlian2259d ago (Edited 2259d ago )

lol now you trolling gears 3d is one of the best. Name me another 2 player splitscreen 3d game. I play on a passive 3d dont know about active.

I do agree avatar is beastly in 3d with fireflys at night and what not. Halo ann 3d was horrible if not the worst on 360. I have over 10 3d games.

I have a few movies under certain terms lol. tekken hybrid was boss

Diver2259d ago

dude morgan is right. worse jaggies ever. just Google it plenty of write ups.

jetlian2259d ago (Edited 2259d ago )

lol you have 112 comments from 09 account I know how gears looks because I own it I dont need to look at another site.

You sound like another account for morgan. Most people reporting using active sets. And Halo ann has jaggies. I got the game because it was in 3d and hated it.

Given Im known to favor 360 should tell you halo must be bad and it is

Diver2257d ago

uh no. try deploying with the military like I have an see how much web time you get. ETS soon. and I know morg cause he worked with my brother. so solly GI try again.

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Wh15ky2259d ago (Edited 2259d ago )

Played Datura a couple of nights ago and the 3D is great, really nice partical effects and the tree branches popping out at you as you walk through the forest are really good too.

Love KZ3 in 3D too.

TheGamingArt2259d ago

"can implement the third dimension into their games (which isn’t as exciting as it sounds)."

^ this site isn't worth the hits. Fan boyish unprofessional spam.

Sevir2259d ago

Uncharted 3. Ive tried a few others! Crys 2 look great, Motorstorm:A looks amazing but I enjoy 3d more for the movies! Kunfu Panda 2, how to train your dragon. resident evil:Extinction, Underworld, Transformers, Thor! They look amazing.

BuffMordecai2259d ago

Unreal engine 3 blows, hears to hoping Unreal Engine 4 kicks some serious ass.

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