Datura PlayStation Move Analysis

Step (and reach) into the mysterious forest of Datura with this video analysis of its PlayStation Move controls, and learn how to turn it into a Virtual Reality experience...


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GezForce2263d ago

Move has so much untapped potential.

2263d ago
r212263d ago

some ps3 developers need to use platic's tech and make a stealth game like iWaggle3D says >:D imagine the immersion of that game!

Wh15ky2262d ago (Edited 2262d ago )

Excellent video as ever iWaggle3D.

I spent a few hours with this game last night and thoroughly enjoyed it. Took me a few attempts to calibrate the Move to my liking but once I got it, it worked quite well.

The 3D is what really makes this game shine though, the sense of depth is fantastic, the leaves and insect flying around you look great and the way the tree branches come at you as you walk is really cool.