LucasArts Working On Action/ Adventure Title For A Future Console

LucasArts joins the growing list of studios that are making the transition from current generation consoles to the next big thing.

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Staude2082d ago

Jedi Knight .. Come on ! :P

StanSmith2082d ago (Edited 2082d ago )

Stop making Force Unleashed games. Stop making dingbat Kinect games.


I swear LucasArts is the dumbest developer this gen.

modesign2082d ago

i wouldnt say dumb more cash strapped, without the star wars films. mediocre star wars games is there only revenue and theyre not selling enough.

aliengmr2081d ago

Nah, they're dumb. They are having cash flow problems because of their stupidity. Since the prequels, its been one stupid decision after another. It really doesn't take a rocket scientist to make a good Star Wars game, yet they manage to both publish and develop garbage. The few gems they managed to put out were forgotten in favor of more garbage titles.

LucasArts is by far the stupidest game company ever and only continue to exist because of the strength of the Star Wars franchise.

As for this next gen action/adventure title I expect more of the same. They will copy the core element of whatever is popular then add a new feature that makes it seem like they are on the cutting edge of gaming tech.

They will continue to ignore the obvious money makers that gamers want in favor of trying something new that will likely fail anyway.

exsturminator012082d ago

Haha, I thought the same thing. Action/Adventure does not equal Space Combat (Tie Fighter/X-Wing) or Large-Scale Shooter (Battlefront), and like that they've lost me. =P