Former G4 Exec Creates Gaming Radio Network Using Kickstarter

G4 Network co-founder Scot Rubin started All Games Radio as a home for independent gaming radio shows and podcasts. His goal was to give gamers a voice in the billion dollar gaming industry. The network currently hosts over a dozen live and taped shows that touch many different genres of gaming.

All Games Radio has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund an expansion that will add more broadcasts, an enhanced web presence, and allow it to become a self sustaining 24 hour gaming talk radio network.

'With so many gaming media sites and shows being bought out my giant corporations, it's really important to have an independent metwork informing and entertaining gamers.' said Derrick Hopkins , host of one of the many podcasts on All Games Radio.

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NukaCola2144d ago

Cool. I remember when G4tv use to air with Scot, Laura and Tina. Tina Wood is doing Xbox Dashboard news now and I haven't seen the other two in forever. These people are awesome and apart of a great company before it tanked.

Also miss seeing Victor Lucas and Tommy Tallarico on TV too.