Is the $99 Xbox 360 a good deal?

Goozernation takes the time to breakdown the $99 360 deal and give gamers several other options from other retailers which may or may not be better deals on 360s. The big question on every gamer's mind, will Sony follow suit with some sort of $150 console?

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Godmars2902171d ago

as many times as this question will be asked, if this deal works as many suspect, the answer wont be known for months after the fact. If not years.

And the fun thing is if said answer turns out to be bad many will not only not accept it, but take a pro-MS stance even as the negative effects get worse, or the positive ones get better.

kube002171d ago

I wonder who the $99 system is marketed at. Families?

Lucretia2171d ago

the fact that its a kinect bundle with a 4gb hard drive means yes, families.

would be nice if they had the option for a 120gb model without the kinect

yesmynameissumo2171d ago (Edited 2171d ago )

A good deal? No, it's not a good deal. Why? Because you've turned the 360 into a monthly bill.

Godmars2902171d ago

This is nothing more than a way of getting a constant revenue stream. While actually doing nothing, delivering no services, for it.

Lucretia2171d ago

sure remember, xbox live is an amazing sike.

still not sure why they increased the price to 60$, and not sure why people accepted that price hike when they didnt add anything worth while. but o well.

LackTrue4K2171d ago

just like a DAM cell phone bill, i hope this crap dose not work!!!!!!!!

kube002171d ago

That sums it up in some ways

FarCryLover1822171d ago

I would hate to be one of these people who do this because if the next gen does arrive in 2013 or early 2014, who would want to be paying for current gen tech when next-gen has released.

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The story is too old to be commented.