GamerNode | Why The $99 Xbox 360 Is Compelling's Dominic Garcia dives into the new $99 Xbox 360, giving his take on why it's a savvy move from Microsoft.

"It’s doubtful that this deal will have a substantial impact on most gamers, who likely already own an Xbox 360. What the offer does is lower the barrier entry for anyone considering a console purchase."

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italianbreadman2238d ago

Interesting way to put it. Of Microsoft's perpetual add-on attitude with the 360, I've only thought, "just stick to games, will ya?"

h311rais3r2237d ago

Thing is....unfortunately for us gamers them turning the 360 into a hub makes more money.

mr_badhand2237d ago

The media sure is biased against MS!

Cryptcuzz2237d ago

Good for Microsoft, bad for gamers.

Can we all agree to hope this fails then?

TBM2237d ago

I'll just pay the upfront cost for a console. they sure have made it easy for me not to purchase their next console.