Ni No Kuni - All-In-One Edition Announced For Japan, First Trailer

While the rest of the world awaits for the release of Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch, Japan will be getting an all new edition that will feature all released DLC along with some new content.

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GribbleGrunger2084d ago

darn it!! i wish i could un-know this

forevercloud30002084d ago

I just wish we didn't have to wait till fall just to get our hands on this game. DO WANT NAO!!!!!!!!!!

Darth Stewie2084d ago

It's not coming in the fall, it was delayed to 2013 for both the US & Europe.

forevercloud30002084d ago

Just looked it up and found article about it on IGN.
*commits senpu in sheer disappointment and anguish*

But seriously. What the hell is wrong with these Japanese companies? Atlus and NIS can localize a game in under 6 months with impeccable quality but Level 5's games(which I still love) take 1.5+ years to come with a mediocre translation. With all this extra time it better be Persona/Disgaea/Ghibli quality translation and game should be superb.

deep_fried_bum_cake2084d ago

Well it was never coming out in the fall (as you Americans call it) in NA anyway, it was winter. And it wasn't delayed in the EU as they had decided to release it in the US before the EU for some strange reason, rather than at the same time.

Redempteur2084d ago

It's taking a long time to be localized because ..

Rpgs aren't namco bandai priority and they want to localise the things on all languages at the same time ( all 5 )

andibandit2084d ago

Problably faster to just learn Japanese.

VsAssassin2084d ago

Studio Ghibli is possibly being too careful about the English voices here, since their animations like Spirited Away sport awesome English voice acting. It's possible this is the case.

B-Real2062084d ago

I want this game so bad!!!!!!!!!!!

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