New Skyrim custom female characters from modders 'gionight' and 'Unr3al2004'

DSOGaming writes: "There is no doubt that Skyrim looks great. And here we are today with some new drooling images, as modders ‘gionight’ and ‘Unr3al2004′ have released some screenshots from their Skyrim custom female characters. These female models look great and showcase what can be achieved with Skyrim’s in-game toolset."

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j-blaze2215d ago (Edited 2215d ago )


this is beautiful *-*...
all i want to say is...SHAME ON YOU BETHESDA !

Amazingmrbrock2215d ago

What a world we live in. Lonely guys at home can finally create their perfect woman. Then run around and slaughter bandits with them.

Tomonobu Itagaki2215d ago

Instead of just showing screenshots, why don't you share the mods? Some of those gears are pretty awesome.

Lucretia2215d ago

they look amazing. If only my Laptop didnt overheat so easy now :( i used to play witcher 2 on medium just fine for a few months then it just started over heating and i cant play anymore, same happens with TERA and im worried also with Skyrim -_- gaaaah

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