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Dealspwn: "By presenting itself as DLC, the FIFA 12 engine is a given, and it's still a lot of fun. But by making it so that you have to own FIFA 12 in order to play this half-hearted, half-licensed, half-baked expansion, EA Sports have shut the door to impulse purchasers, pumped on the spirit of the competition. No one in their right mind will buy FIFA 12 just for this, and those that already own the game will find far better services there than this paltry offering. [...]

Thus, when it comes to giving a final verdict on this expansion, it's important to judge Euro 2012 solely on its content. Sadly, for over £15, there's just not enough here to recommend at all. This game, perhaps even more so than the full releases that came before, underlines the cash-in nature of these tournament spin-offs, and it's difficult not to feel, even though we've arguably received what we asked for, that we're not just being ripped off in a new way."

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