FIFA 13 Wii vs FIFA 12 Wii – The shocking truth

FIFA 13 is identical to FIFA 12 other than a squad and kit update.

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thatzacdavis1907d ago

They probably reached the Wii's limits with FIFA 12.

ozzywazzy1907d ago

I'm pretty sure they reached the Wii's limits with 08.

Blackdeath_6631907d ago (Edited 1907d ago )

the ps move support for the ps3 fifa 13, makes the wii version completely irrelevant as the motion control feature is the only unique thing it had. if EA are even bothered i think the wiiU or the ps3+psvita will work quite well with football games as you can manage your team on the handheld device while playing the game on screen. i'd imagine sports games in general would work well with wiiU/ps3+psv combo

3-4-51907d ago

not sure who would even buy Fifa for the Wii.

It's legit on xbox, PS & Wii U but not the wii.

ninjabake1907d ago

Yeah its basically a PS2 port with slightly better graphics. Hopefully they shift their focus to Wii U when it comes to sports titles from here on out.

blackbirdi1907d ago

they done the same shit with the psvita version which is based again on fifa 11

Jadedz1907d ago

It's in the game (for a reason...)!"

Dovahkiin1907d ago

EA Sports, it's in the game... (But also disc locked...).

Neonridr1907d ago

The fact that they literraly just updated the date on the calendar, added some new player names and then hit re-compile is ridiculous. EA is sinking to an all time low here. It's this copy-and-paste bull$shit I would only expect from Infinity Ward..

ninjabake1907d ago

You must not know how each sports gets down LOL for the last few NBA Live & Madden titles on PS2 they were doing the same exact thing.

TheoreticalParticle1907d ago

That's not true. It was always funny seeing which rules the new NBA Live was going to ignore. One year it wasn't tracking blocked shots as missed shot attempts, another year they left the free throw substitution rules in from the NCAA game, another year let players who were too injured to shoot FTs come back into the game...