New Pokemon Black/White 2 footage

Pokemon Smash showed a new round of Black/White 2 footage on yesterday’s episode. One of the main point’s we can take away from the video is that Keldeo is #298 in the game’s Unova Pokedex.

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Ilovetheps42212d ago

I can't wait to find out some good details about this game. I enjoyed White and am excited for White 2.

TopDudeMan2212d ago

I'm a big pokemon fan, but I can't say I'm excited for this game. From what I've seen, it isn't gonna be that different from black and white.

Lucretia2212d ago

pokemon hasnt been different since ruby and emerald......

TopDudeMan2212d ago

Yeah, but I could deal with that if it had new areas to explore.

user54670072212d ago

They should of just made Pokemon Grey instead and then focused on the 3DS Pokemon games

You know you buy Pokemon games every time they come out and each time after you buy one you think to yourself "Next time I'll wait for the "final" version", anyway you keep forgetting and forgetting untill you finally remember to wait for the "final" game which will includ everything in it....and when you do finally remember they pull this crap and change marketing statergies.

Am I the only one who this has happened to

-Alpha2212d ago

Just waiting for a proper 3DS Pokemon game

TheFinalEpisode2212d ago

It still baffles me how they haven't put one out yet :/