James Bond 007 Legends Releasing October 16th, According To Retailers

Once again, it seems as though retailers have leaked the street date of a video game. This time, it is James Bond 007 Legends for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

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wicko2157d ago (Edited 2157d ago )

Can I pay them to not release this game?

Bebedora2157d ago

An expression of me:

I have a feeling of 'Living on old merrits'

Ashunderfire862157d ago

Watch out for Bioshock Infinite, James Bond.

BuffMordecai2157d ago

If it has some local multiplayer I might pick it up, otherwise no.

Titanz2157d ago (Edited 2157d ago )

Probably because I forgot to add a "U" in it.

DarkBlood2157d ago

yeah and this sounds like a bond game i want to get day one this time but i want to shift my multiplat buying from my ps3 to the wiiu

perhaps we will find out at E3 for sure before buying it in october for ps3