KKEnt First Impression Game-play of Dragon’s Dogma Demo

Greetings gamers, this is Kuma and welcome to my raw footage game-play of Dragon’s Dogma game-play demo on the xbox 360. I wanted to give my viewers a look at the demo showing off the customization, fighting mechanics and of course how the “pawn” AI system works with you instead of against you. The customization is pretty cool and they even let you create a custom companion which was fun and I made her after my battle buddy Andromeda, little shout out there. I would definitely recommend checking out the demo which was made by Capcom who are the same folks that brought us Monster hunter, but I have to say after playing the fighting style in Dragon’s Dogma; they need to give the same engine to the “Monster Hunter” series. There is an extra incentive if you pre-order Dragon’s Dogma; you will get an early access demo of Resident Evil 6. I honestly don’t believe they need that kind of hype to boost their sales, but hey it worked for “Crackdown” with the Halo 3 beta and that turned out to be a great game by itself. I hope you enjoy the video below and please check out the demo and let me know your thoughts, stay frosty!

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mafiahajeri2093d ago

Videos not working for me.

SavageKuma2093d ago

Sorry about that here is my youtube short version of the Griffin fight.