Should Need for Speed be Made into a Movie?

Speculation arose last week about the popular racing game, Need for Speed. It has been rumored that this hit title will be made Hollywood’s blockbuster film. EA is egger to get the game rolling to the big screen and a script has already been established and has been handed to some of movies largest producers such as Sony and Paramount. With most major move productions after this movie Paramount seems to have taken the lead in picking up this new project. With all that excitement why are gamers still skeptical about a movie made after one of our favorite racing games?

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TheSuperior 2407d ago

If it is done correctly then... YES! :D

Godchild10202407d ago

If they do it from the right game. I believe if they do it from Most wanted or The Run being a close second would be great.

I would may money to see a Most wanted movie. It has to have the right main characters as well.

Lelldorianx2407d ago

Let me introduce you to this small franchise called The Fast and the Furious...

GamerSciz2407d ago


Not to mention Fast and Furious reminds me of NSF Underground 1 and 2. But Fast Five (the most recent one) reminds of NFS The Run sort of. So yea, a NFS movie has pretty much already happened just with a different name. Oh and There's one more Fast and Furious coming out. Vin Diesel said with Fast and Furious (the 4th one) it was the start of a new trilogy.

abombletap2407d ago

Fast and furiousnisnlame tho. Another movie is coming out WTF


I could see it giving FF a run for it's money so yeah


i want to see a Mario Kart Movie

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