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Top Ten Most Immersive Worlds In Gaming

Gaming Enthusiast:

Immersion in games is one of the reasons we love gaming so much. We take a look at ten of the most immersive games in all of gaming's history. ( Metroid Prime, 3DS, BioShock, Dead Space, Limbo, PC, PS Vita, PS3, Red Dead Redemption, Wii, Xbox 360)

SageHonor  +   952d ago
Good list, I'd like to add Mass Effect, Max Payne, Bully.
TekoIie  +   951d ago
What aboutz Pokimons?!?! NO ONE will beat my beloved Pokimons!!!

EDIT: i would agree with mass effect but not sure about ME1 since it was more of a focus on your actions rather than the locations you visited but in 2 and 3 i totally agree.
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DoomeDx  +   951d ago
Good List.

Though i think Killzone 2 also should fit in here.
Leio  +   951d ago
GTA Vice city also such a classic work
Philoctetes  +   951d ago
I would have added Arkham City and Dark Souls. But I can't really argue with the top 3. Those were all awesome.
JellyJelly  +   951d ago
Damn good picks. Dark Souls world is very abstract in its design but still manages to feel real somehow.

I just completed Arkham City and what's striking about that world is how much detail has gone into it. You notice new stuff everytime you traverse the big map. The sheer number of environmental riddles you can find is testament to this.

I'd probably also add Skyrim to the list.
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Blastoise  +   952d ago
Bioshock was a worthy number 1
Nimblest-Assassin  +   951d ago
Going to be replaced with Infinite.. so stoked for that game... it oozes atmosphere.

I would add uncharted, but its the characters that draw me in rather than the world... but the last of us setting could be something special.

God of War.. since their adaptations of Greek Mythology has incredible athmosphere

Halo and Mass Effect, due to their incredible sci-fi locals

Maybe Assassins Creed, since they are the only games that set themselves and the player in unique timelines.. i feel like Im getting a history lesson each time I pop the disks in.

But still a very solid list, played dead space, red dead, limbo and minish cap.. hell minish cap might be my second favourite Zelda game.

But truth is, one does not simply rank the top 10 game athmospheres.. too many great games to narrow down to a mere ten.
Blastoise  +   951d ago
Wow 6 disagree's? Fair enough. Bioshock had an incredibly immersive world. I do agree that demons soul's should have been on this list though
humbleopinion  +   951d ago
I disagree with some games in the list: I see how they might have been considered for their time, but today there's nothing really immerse about them - just like how I thought Alone in the Dark was the most immersive game back then thanks to the atmosphere that went all the way down to the squeaky door sound effect, but I wouldn't really call it immersive this day and age.

But Bioshock is def. number one to this day and age. Rapture is one of the (if not the) most well crafted places in the history of gaming.
I'd probably put in games like SOTC and Halo in there before a few others in the list thanks to the unique settings of each of those, but Bioshock, RDR and Dead Space put in the top 3 really get it right.
scotchmouth  +   951d ago
Blastoise I really agree with you. I didn't play bioshock when it first came out for some reason. I played it about 3 years later. I was still heavily impressed. From the graphics to the level design to the NPC dialogue. Bioshock had no problem keeping me immersed.
MagicAccent  +   951d ago
No stalker?


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ATi_Elite  +   951d ago
Any Immersive list that doesn't have STALKER listed is a big fat FAIL!!
GamingPerson  +   951d ago
I don't know what ur talking about.. must have never played stalker.

Give credit where credit is do.
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Saladfax  +   951d ago
I thought Metro 2033 was more immersive than Stalker, but...

There are some pretty heavy similarities, aren't there.
mochachino  +   951d ago
I agree with RDR, Riddick, Bioshock and Metroid Prime but the rest not at all. I'd add HL2, Deus Ex HR, GOW2 and more that I'm too lazy to think of to list.
MeatAbstract  +   951d ago
No Half LIfe 2?
Demon's Souls?
Shadow of the Colossus?
Kyosuke_Sanada  +   951d ago
No Silent Hill or Amnesia: Dark Descent...weak
GTRrocker  +   951d ago
Deus ex hr
God of war
Super Mario world
Zombies at my neighbors
resident evil 2
bothebo  +   951d ago
God of War......... YES!
ThumbBlister  +   951d ago
Well...to be fair, it is an opinion piece.
ThePsychoGamer  +   951d ago
Yakuza by far, has the most immersive world in gaming.
TheDivine  +   951d ago
For me i would say

Metroid Prime
Metro 2033
Demons Souls/Dark Souls
Lost Odyssey
Resonance of Fate

I guess they are all equally atmospheric and immersive. Theres purely atmospheric games like Dead Space and theres purely immersive games like MS' flight simulator. To me a mix of the two is best which these do. They get you into the world and set the mood and tone of the adventure.
ATi_Elite  +   951d ago
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ATi_Elite  +   951d ago
My most immersive game worlds
San Andreas
Half Life 2
Arma II
Take on Helicopters
Ocarina of Time
Amnesia: Dark Descent
Fallout 3
Eve Online
X3 Terran Conflict
GamingPerson  +   951d ago
theeg  +   951d ago
ATI im with you on a lot of those, but Arma 2, while a great game, and very beautiful, for me is about as immersive as a flipbook, once any dialog begins, or i begin to cycle through the clunky commands, i am reminded with a digital sledgehammer i am, 100%, most certainly, playing a video game, a clunky one at that, btw, i agreed with you, good list

mine is something like;

The Witcher 2
Demons Souls
The Witcher 1
Diablo 2 (if your a loot nerd like me)
Amnesia The Dark Descent
Wizardry 8 (back in the day)
Starcraft 2 Multiplayer, (I forget I'm human in a good 1v1)
Crysis Warhead
Dead Space
Menashe  +   951d ago
I once wrote a rough draft for a similar article and these were the games I decided upon:

Metro 2033
Beyond Good and Evil
Silent Hill
Dead Space
Metroid Prime
Super Metroid
Majora's mask/Ocarina of time
Eternal darkness
Call of Cthulhu
Portal 1/2
Doom 3
Fallout 3
Half Life 2
Deus Ex series
System Shock 2
Fear series
Thief series
Escape From Butcher Bay
Gothic 3
The witcher series
Shadow of the Colossus
Grim Fandango
The Void
Pandamobile  +   951d ago
Now there's a list ^
Son_Lee  +   951d ago
Fallout 3 (First time you step out Vault 101 you are immersed)
Silent Hill 2 (Relentless unsettling feeling unparalleled)
Skyrim (I love snow environments - sucked me in)
Dark Souls (More open, yet more intense)
Final Fantasy VII (Every location is memorable)
Mass Effect 2 (The Citadel)
Demon's Souls (Boletaria especially)
Dragon Age: Origins (Ferelden has amazing history)
BI0RAPTOR  +   951d ago
I like your list friend. ^^
Although I would say Mass Effect had more of a inpact for me then ME II.
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wenaldy  +   951d ago
My personal list:

Jak and Daxter
ICO and SotC
Forbidden Siren 1 and 2
GTA Vice City and San Andreas
Silent Hill
Legend of Mana
Never Winter Nights
Grandia 2
Ys series
Return to Castle Wolfenstein
Crash Bandicoot
Megami Tensei Universe
Resident Evil 4
Road Rash Jailbreak
Fear Effect
The Suffering
The Thing
Call of Cthulu
Dead Space
God of War Universe
The Getaway
Clock Tower
YodaCracker  +   951d ago
I'm glad to see Red Dead Redemption in the list, but Grand Theft Auto IV's omission is a crime.
_Aarix_  +   951d ago
Mine are

Gears of war 2
Rachet and Clank
Everything made by Rock*
Lost odyssey
Halo reach
Pokemon crystal
ape007  +   951d ago
where the hell is DOOM 3, RESI 4 and GTA IV, absolutely stunning, brilliant, Immersive worlds

anyways nice list :)
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No_Pantaloons  +   951d ago
LOL manhunt, hell yeah! I remember hiding in a corner waiting to pick off a lone thug who strays too far from the others, then dashing out of sight before they find his body and start searching for me. It was scary as hell knowing that I couldn't possible fight them off if they found me, so i'd better have a good spot and keep quiet till they split up again. Now that's immersion. ahh good times.
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OmniSlashPT  +   951d ago
One word: Journey.
NeloAnjelo  +   951d ago
No Mass Effect?
Psychotica  +   951d ago
Amnesia is the game that comes to mind. That game still gives me the creeps..

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