Homosexuality In Gaming

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"Electronic Arts haven’t had a great month. Consumer action website The Consumerist, named them the ‘Worst Company in America’ and last week, the publisher received ‘several thousand’ letters complaining about the inclusion of same-sex relationships and sex scenes in recent titles like Star Wars: The Old Republic and Mass Effect 3. And many of the protesters are threatening to boycott future games if the company continues to do so."

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Dante1122440d ago

Yeah, I heard about that boycott in America. Sad to see so much anger over same sex relationships.

Jobesy2439d ago

Why do you always say America when you're talking about the U.S.? You do know that America is compromised of many countries don't you? And you know nothing of us U.S. citizens other than what you read in the media, which you yourself always puts down. As a whole, we are VERY tolerant of gay people. This boycott is coming from the same children that trash Metacritic scores, have stupid console wars and always complain about everything. You want to see REAL persecution of gay people, take a look in the Middle East then get back to me.

Jonmau52439d ago

You are a hypocrite.

You argue that you do not want America and the US to be grouped together under the same banner when it comes to this homosexuality rallying topic BUT you then say (and I quote) "As a whole, we are VERY tolerant of gay people."

So ALL of you are tolerant, every single American is tolerant of gay people being portrayed in videogames? Don't be silly.

Yes, you are correct on one point. The persecution of gay people is worse in the Middle East but how does that make it right that persecution on a slightly lesser level is tolerable and acceptable in the West?

I think you need to rethink the arguments behind your points of views.

Dante1122439d ago (Edited 2439d ago )

That's what I was thinking, Jon. And Jobesy, I've actually lived in the US for 8 years. Half of my best friends are American. Calm down.

Gaming1012439d ago

The America is comprised of many countries? Are you referring to both North and South America? Because the only country int he world that identifies itself as "America" is the United States.

And really who cares if someone happens to think that a main character in a game be better characterized if they were straight? Quite frankly, I don't think Solid Snake or Marcus Fenix would have been taken seriously or had the same characterization if they were wearing lip gloss - just saying.

Jonmau52440d ago

Yes, there does seem to be a lot of hate and anger surrounding same sex relationships and it is worse ni some places than others.

Could be the heavily religious background and traditions these peoples are raised around but I do not believe that is the only cause for this uproar.

The actual reason for the boycotts and outcry regarding same sex relationships in videogames is something that has me stumped... I do not understand all the fuss...

Dlacy13g2439d ago

agreed on not getting all the fuss about same sex relationships. Nobody forces you into a relationship in ME3...just like in real life you can just say no. lol

Jonmau52439d ago

These people would claim that they ARE forced in some way, they always claim they were forced too.


Anti-Gay Gamer 1: "The Bioware man stood over me with a stick and said he'd poke me again if I didn't choose the gay love option..."

They are pathetic, they should go rally something worth protesting over like wars or tax-dodging members of parliament...

kneon2439d ago

Well for many the problem is that they themselves have homosexual tendencies that they are afraid to deal with.


Neckbear2439d ago Show
NYC_Gamer2439d ago

I don't care about gay characters within video games.

BuffMordecai2439d ago

As long as (no pun intended) they don't shove it down your throat, like ea.

Smashbro292439d ago

It's not like its "gay people the game" you get a choice of what to do.

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