Next-Gen's Release List Updated

Next-Gen's release guide is now up-to-date to the best of their knowledge, with information regarding the publisher, developer, platform, description and US/UK release dates. The list can be found at source.

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mighty_douche3913d ago (Edited 3913d ago )

Lost interest in "release dates" a long time ago.

Not worth the Keyboard they're typed on.

Shaka2K63913d ago

You can even put the brick ds games in there and it still wouldnt be enough.

PS3 > all.

Rayko3913d ago

why is PS3s lineup so fantastic 2008?
The only game I found interesting is little big planet and HOME (which is not a game).Metal gear is boring as hell and overrated like HALO, GT5 is boring because I hate car games, FF is overrated as well and I dont even know what part it is now, killzone for PS2 sucked so bad, why would killzone 2 suddenly rule? well there it goes oohh another game that I am interested in is that japanese horror game which look like the grudge.

nitramn4g3913d ago

I think the PS3 linup is great, for kids. Title like Little big planet are going to occupy my 5 year in 2009.