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Better Business Bureau: Mass Effect 3 is Having a ‘Mass Effect’ on Its Consumers for Better or Worse

The BBB has ruled that BioWare technically commited false advertising with Mass Effect 3. (EA, Mass Effect 3, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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3GenGames  +   980d ago
If they falsely advertised, then can we get Activision for using thee word "new" with Call of Duty?
Soldierone  +   980d ago
Pretty sure people can also dig up the "get maps a month early" advertisements for Elite too and have an argument. They didn't change it to "for your console" until AFTER people figured it out.
Xof  +   980d ago
They make it sound like it was just one advertisement. Bioware routinely lied at every single juncture re: ME3.
Godmars290  +   980d ago
Heck. They might be lying about the extended cut not being the indoctrination theory.
Wumbo  +   979d ago
Bioware could never think up this theory. only the loyal fans deserve the credit.
kevinsheeks  +   980d ago
ha the one quote where he said there will be no a,b,c endings come to mind ha

if we only knew it wouldn't be letters or numbers but colors that would end our mighty saga :P
pandehz  +   980d ago
If I was colour blind, then dam it would be 3 same endings

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