Skyrim new continent DLC vs. console mod-like extras

InEnt writes: While PC and console users would most likely have a lot of similar features wanted for the upcoming Skyrim DLC, it’s also obvious that there are very different priorities for the downloadable content as well, which is thanks to Skyrim mods on PC but not on PS3 and Xbox 360.

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danswayuk2361d ago

A new continent for Skyrim DLC sounds nice, but as a console player there are plenty of other extras that need to be in the first DLC.

Hozi892361d ago

A new Continent similar to that of the Bloodmoon Expansion we got for Morrowind plus some basic stuff like Dragon Mounts, Horse Combat, Better Dungeons, more enemies, more partner ai options.

yeah, I could go on about more stuff but let me hear what everyone else wants.

d3nworth12361d ago

First fix those annoying bugs then we can talk DLC.