Why The Next Gen Will Still Play Used Games

1UP, Seth Macy- "Can it be that another crop of new consoles is just beyond the horizon? It seems like just yesterday we were talking about the Nintendo Revolution or the Xbox 2 or the PlayStation... 3. And yet, here we are, once again, letting our imaginations run wild about what the future holds.

Details are sparse at best about the next Xbox and the next PlayStation, but there is one rumor that has gotten a fair amount of attention. That rumor is that neither system will play used games. I'm here to tell you why that won't be happening. Not this generation at least."

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fr0sty2446d ago

Oh they'll play them alright, but you can expect things like online passes to become a standard experience.

Hicken2446d ago

Because it would be stupid for them not to. I don't think any of the Big Three are dumb enough to alienate an entire segment of their fanbase by disallowing used games on their consoles.

helghast1022446d ago

It wouldn't just be splitting the fanbase, there wouldn't be a single videogame store in the world that would sell your product, they live off of used game sales.
if they cut out the used market then they're basically committing industrial suicide.

Finch2446d ago

Heck i'm also worried about backwards compatible!

decrypt2446d ago

There will be no backward compatibility. Yes its true, all those thousands of worth games you bought this gen wont be playable on the next box :P

But dont worry MS and Sony have you covered, HD remakes ftw lol.

Jdoki2446d ago

When the 60GB BC PS3 was discontinued I bought 2. (One for me and one for a gift). I thought BC was a critical feature.

But honestly. I rarely used it, and could have easily lived without it by just dragging out the PS2 when I wanted to play an old game.

If leaving out BC results in a cheaper launch price I hope MS and Sony don't bother

Finch2446d ago

I agree won't use it that late, but damn it I would like to sell/trade in the one I got now. And for the first year when there is like nothing to play. Like it is for every new launch to be able to live off the old games until the new consoles can stand on there own. So just to start yes I want it to be backwards compatible. Later on in the life cycle who cares if they drop it just like Sony did. Its the start that has the biggest impact for me and is almost a must.

aDDicteD2446d ago

i agree, just bring out the old console and problem solved for the backwards compatibility

tigertron2446d ago

They will be able to play used games. Why? because game companies understand that its a big market, hence online passes - because they know so many buy pre-owned games.

Besides, game shops like Gamespot, GAME/Gamestation, Blockbuster, Amazon and ASDA/Wallmart would have something to say as they buy and sell pre-owned titles. Trust me guys, the rumours that next-gen consoles won't play used games is false.

MoveTheGlow2446d ago

"I know what you're thinking, "but what if BOTH sides choose to keep us from playing used games?" They won't. Having a clear-cut advantage in the eyes of the consumer is something business people dream about, especially when it costs nothing and it increases sales."

Seth has a little bit more to learn about collusion. With enough publisher pressure, stranger stuff could happen.

Jdoki2446d ago (Edited 2446d ago )

While fanboys rage and think that MS and Sony hate each other, they forget that both company's work in the same industry and have vested interests.

If one company wanted to get ahead the easiest way would be to massively undercut the other on hardware and games... And yet in general hardware prices mirror each other, and RRP on games is identical (talking about MS and Sony here, not Ninty).

Either Sony or MS could have 'won the war' a long time ago by simply waving licensing fees.

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The story is too old to be commented.