Can you really compare a 99c smartphone game to a full-price console release?

BeefJack: "People say you can’t possibly compare smartphone games to ‘proper’ PC and console titles like Skyrim, but Matthew Lee thinks the best of them deserve to be taken just as seriously, no matter what genre they are or how much they cost."

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_Aarix_2458d ago

Why the hell are ios games being compared to consoles? Thats freaking retarted and provokes haters. They can be compared to handhelds at least since alot of ds/psp ports are on there.

chanmasta2458d ago

Smartphones aren't just iPhones you know...

Canary2458d ago

Of course you can. Hardware capability means nothing. People who try to argue otherwise, whether they realize it or not, are buying into the same obnoxious pseudo-logic baby-gamers use to justify not playing older games.

Right now, it's perfectly valid to compare Dragon Age to Shadows of Amn. Both are massive, epic RPGs on the PC platform. One is vastly, vastly superior to the other. It's a valid comparison, right?

And by this time next year, Shadows of Amn will be on the iOS, and that version will make Dragon Age look /even/ worse.

schlanz2458d ago

I think the point of the article is that games don't need to be AAA blockbusters for $60 to be immensely enjoyable.

The future of mobile games is bright indeed.

SeanScythe2458d ago

I they can do that then I can compare me giving you a cookie to me shooting your balls off with a shotgun then pouring hot sauce on the wound.

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