Saints Row: The Third — The Trouble With Clones DLC Review

After the release of Saints Row: The Third last year, Volition promised buyers a continuous supply of DLC. A majority of this add-on content came in the form of new costumes, weapons and vehicles. However, the pieces of downloadable content that many longed for were the three planned mission packs that were announced shortly after the game’s debut. As of today, the third and final mission pack has been released. With the last two story add-ons receiving less-than-favorable scores, can The Trouble With Clones break the cycle and provide players with a wacky experience worth purchasing?

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MasterD9192436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

If I wasn't getting this DLC pack for free (since I got a season pass with my order) I wouldn't even bother.

AusRogo2436d ago

Im going to wait till they bundle them all. Got the first dlc add on and it didnt last long.

ninjaman9992435d ago

I got the Pass for half off on Steam (Those coupons were indeed useful lmao) so I dont mind but I know they can do better then this >____>