Life's not a game and neither is Journey

See how one player's experience with thatgamecompany's latest release went beyond the boundaries of traditional interactive entertainment.

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GribbleGrunger2283d ago (Edited 2283d ago )

From the heat of childhood dreams,
To the dark of aspirations lost.
Through the journey we seek out hope,
Fight on through the chilling frost

Within us, if that spirit lives,
Wisdom springs, a flame is sent
And guides us to that blinding light:
The freedom of enlightenment

GribbleGrunger2283d ago

that's what it felt like when i played it

emekcrash2282d ago

Haha, nah. I was commenting on the title of the article. Should have made myself clearer.

Nac2283d ago

I completely agree. Journey stands as the most emotional interactive experience I have ever gone through. Thank you, thatgamecompany, thank you soooo much.

JoGam2283d ago

I love Journey but I think Flower spoiled me. I love the damn game......and I hate flowers.

Drainage2283d ago

well thats too bad, because im in the gaming market

Hicken2283d ago

You ever hear of those things that transcend their medium? Things that surpass their purpose?

That's Journey.

You play it on a video game console, so it's a game.

But it's nothing like any other game out there. And the only real way to understand that is to play it. Being close-minded is an easy way to miss out on great stuff.

twdll2283d ago

Best game Ive played, I mean experienced in a long while.
Awesome that it is only 14.99 too. That I can handle.