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News About ThatGameCompany’s Next Project Coming “Hopefully This Year”

359d ago - ThatGameCompany has carved a special place for itself in the heart of many gamers with the unique... | Industry

Journey dev sees "huge market" for new game genres

490d ago - "Right now the game industry is still at a very young phase. There is a lot of space for people t... | Industry

Journey creators' next 'risky' game still years off

544d ago - The next game from Journey, Flower and Flow creators thatgamecompany is still at least two years... | Industry

Platform holders and indies: Handy tips from the developers

553d ago - Peter Molyneux, Jenova Chen, Mike Bithell and more offer their advice to Sony and Microsoft. | Industry

Visit CGMagazine: The Culture of Games

Now - CGM is for the mature audience of comics and games that wants more out of their media than just a review score. | Promoted post

6 of the Best Video Game Creators Working Today

684d ago - Video games seem to attract a talented bunch, and few moreso than these six in the industry today... | GameCube

Celebrity developers: What's in a name?

686d ago - Bleszinski, Cage, Schafer, Romero, Chen, and Hecker on ego, morale, and the pearls and perils of... | Culture

Journey dev "excited" to look into free-to-play and mobile

714d ago - Jenova Chen on his desire to prove artistic games can be hugely profitable, why he won't be Kicks... | PS3

Jenova Chen on the Future of thatgamecompany

716d ago - Andrew Goldfarb: ''It’s not easy to follow a game like Journey. After winning various Game of the... | PC

2013 DICE Keynotes

718d ago - The DICE 2013 Keynotes for you guys to enjoy. These talks are a great learning experience. | Tech

The Gaming Medium Could Not Survive Without Auteurs

774d ago - OnlySP argues that the medium of gaming is inexorably driven forward by those individuals who tak... | Culture

Hit List Q&A: Jenova Chen, thatgamecompany President

813d ago - Joystiq - Jenova Chen is President & Creative Director for thatgamecompany (TGC). TGC is best kno... | PS3

Three Phenomenal Indie Pioneers Who Put Triple-A Gaming To Shame

892d ago - The vast majority of big-budget gaming giants may be playing it safe with tiresome FPSs and ident... | PC

Journey Creator Is “Suspicious” Of Journalists

912d ago - Acclaimed video game designer Jenova Chen claims that he has become suspicious of journalists. | PS3

Jenova Chen: next game should reach "mass audience"

955d ago - Journey creator and Thatgamecompany boss wants Pixar numbers | Xbox 360

Jenova Chen is wrong: "Dumb" games are good enough for adults, too

983d ago - Jenova Chen claims that most games are not good enough for adults. But do they absolutely have to... | Culture

A Personal Journey: Jenova Chen's Goals for Games

986d ago - Gamasutra: I'm about half way through my interview with Jenova Chen when I get the impression... | Culture

The single format – the only way for video games to grow up?

995d ago - David Jenkins - Metro Video Games Editor: Jenova Chen, the lead designer for PlayStation downl... | Wii

Journey's End: Where Next for Jenova Chen?

995d ago - Thatgamecompany's visionary head talks to Johnny Minkley about the "pain" of development, losing... | Industry

Sony: Core PSN Gamers Are 'More Adult'

996d ago - Jack Buser and TGC's Jenova Chen define the PS3 audience. | PS3

Journey Designer: PS3 owners More Likely to be Interested in Artistic Games

997d ago - VentureBeat: The Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 have a fairly comparable game library. Small differen... | PS3

The New Nintendo 3DS XL Is Here

Now - Is the system worth your hard earned money? | Promoted post

Thatgamecompany set to debut new game this year

1000d ago - VG247: The first game from thatgamecompany since the end of its three game deal with Sony is aimi... | PS3

Jenova Chen Interview: Journey, His Next Project,The Origin Of His Name, and Fortune Cookies

1015d ago - Trendy Gamers: When Jenova Chen, the creator of Cloud, Flow, Flower, and Journey, agreed to sit d... | PSP

EDGE- Jenova Chen on Journey's philosophy

1023d ago - EDGE- "Journey’s poetic, meditative multiplayer odyssey is a controlled and emotive experience, o... | PS3

Videogames..Stop Making Me Feel Things

1036d ago - There are very few times in this gaming generation that a game has brought about feelings that ga... | PS3

Religion, friendship, and emotion: A Journey post-mortem

1044d ago - GameSpot Asia talks to the director of this evocative title about the game's engine, inspirations... | PS3
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