Twisted Metal will be sold by GAME this Friday, Sony confirms

PlayStation 3 exclusive Twisted Metal will be sold by GAME in the UK, Sony has confirmed.

"I can confirm Twisted Metal will be available to purchase in GAME this Friday," a Sony spokesperson told Eurogamer today.

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Nelson M2441d ago

Well Unless they are selling it for free i aint goin to buy it from there
Infact if it was free at game i'd still buy it somewere else for full price

lorianguy2441d ago

Well that's a poor financial decision!

Skate-AK2441d ago

You can't sell something for free since there is no price. It would be a giveaway then.

lorianguy2441d ago

I got it from Tesco yesterday - £32.90

I guess Tesco didn't get the memo it was being pushed back a week...

-- Oh and for all those still on the fence - GET IT!

Half-Mafia2441d ago

So I can get Twisted Metal for £40 from GAME or I could go to Play, Shopto or Zavvi and get it for £33.

1 of many reasons why GAME/GameStation is finished.

lumley6662441d ago

it really is a shame that GAME are in trouble, iv been a customer there since the days of the ps1, while i do buy allot from amazon it wud be a shame that there wont be a dedicated game store in the uk high street

milohighclub2441d ago

Ive shopped there Since it was electronic boutique! I remember going in n buying donkey kong country when I was a kid. You used to be able to test games before you bought em.
Used to be simple times.

SaffronCurse2441d ago

It always sucks having a game store close down.

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