Capcom is planning to charge for extra quick combos presets in Street Fighter X Tekken

A new feature that hackers already unlocked (and a more controversial one), is the access to more quick combo presets. The screen above shows Ryu having 5 quick combos to choose from instead of just 2.
As you know, Quick combos can be activated by hitting two buttons at the same time, which makes your character go through a stream of movements that are preset.
Looking at the preset image above, you can clearly see a cart with a check mark on it, confirming that preset combos are going to be paid DLC.

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Majin-vegeta2237d ago

Wtf are you serious??Scamcom is gonna go under when this gets out.

dark-hollow2237d ago (Edited 2237d ago )

Seriously shame on you, cabcom.

*misspelling is intentional*

zeal0us2237d ago

Oh boy paying for combos, whats next voice-overs and endings?

egidem2237d ago

Charging for combos???

This is a new low for Capcom.

Virtual_Reality2237d ago

Why Capcom is doing this?

I think I will wait for Tekken x SF, hopefully Namco is not so greedy as Capcom.

Also for Resident Evil 6, looks like I will wait for the Ultimate edition.

hazelamy2237d ago


i should have thought that would be obvious.

they're greedy arsholes

killcycle2237d ago

Namco we're greedy with Soul calibur 4 and the whole Yoda, Vadar thing but they have never been with the Tekken series.

They didn't release any paid DLC, all costumes we're customizable with hundreds of items all in the game and they released an online coop mode for free!

jetlian2236d ago

one character doesnt make you greedy! tekken 6 was fine too.

Godmars2902237d ago

There is no facepalm meme epic enough to cover this...

Godmars2902237d ago

No, still not epic enough.

Most of them are repeats.

Maybe alone the lines of...

Mikhail2237d ago

WTF!? That's it, im gonna pirate this. I buy games original or wait for GOTY edition/sale from steam/local retailers but this is...just plain wrong.

StanSmith2237d ago

If you don't agree with it then don't buy it. Just because you don't like what they are doing (i don't like it either) does not mean you can pirate it.

The amount of self entitlement amongst people today is shocking.

TheHater2236d ago

yeah because paying $65+ for half a game, then having to pay more to unlock the rest isn't a big deal. /sarcash

Just fuck off Marioftw.

Scamcom logic = "DLC = Disk Lock Content"

StanSmith2236d ago (Edited 2236d ago )

Did i say it wasn't a big deal? No. Next time you decide to rage on the internet, read things more carefully then you won't make the same mistake again.

What my post was saying is, don't like it, don't buy it. Which is exactly what i am doing. You don't have some god given right to then play the game for free by pirating it, just because you disagree with a business decision made by the morons at Capcom.

Pirating it will lead to more DRM on titles. Not buying or playing the game will make them see the error of their ways.

Two wrongs do not make a right!

360GamerFG2237d ago

Jaw on the floor. . .
Activision, move over, EA, sit down! There's a new Evil Corp in town.
Capcom, *slow clap* you've got balls!

guacman882236d ago

funniest thing i read all day

FinaLXiii2237d ago

I wonder if there´s ppl willing to buy this game day 1.

vortis2237d ago

Dude, they already have.

Virtual_Reality2237d ago

Is people that they don't have knowledge about this stuff.

vega2752236d ago

If people are willing to pay for day 1 DLC of ME3. Then I wouldn't put this pass people doing the same for this game.

I know I wouldnt

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