Intel to delay launch of three 45nm quad-core CPUs because of poor AMD performance

Intel has recently adjusted its product strategy and will postpone three 45nm quad-core CPUs that were originally scheduled to launch in January next year, according to sources at motherboard makers.

Intel has already notified its partners that it will push back the launch of the three CPUs to February or March next year, depending on AMD's schedule for triple-core and the upcoming Phenom CPUs.

Launching the CPUs now will not benefit Intel much in its battle with AMD, while they could cause damage to Intel's 65nm quad-core CPUs, therefore the company has decided it is in no rush to release new products until AMD is able to present more of a threat.

The three CPUs that Intel plans to delay are the Core 2 Quad Q9300, Q9450 and Q9550, added the sources.

Intel commented that its launch of 45nm quad-core CPUs for desktops is on track for first quarter 2008, but declined to disclose a specific time-frame.

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davez823740d ago

wow so sad, long live AMD


this is why monopolies are bad for any market.

intel is in a position to charge whatever they practically want now.

amd needs to get out of this hole it sinks itself deeper into everyday.

INehalemEXI3740d ago

Im not upgrading my cpu anytime soon anyway.

Bladestar3740d ago

Freaken AMD.. you see what you did? I don't get it... I've being hoping that AMD takes over intels market... but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOo... they can be very close.. and then fall flat 5 years...

gta_cb3740d ago

AMD have been better then Intel for a looong time, its only since the Core 2 Duo was released that AMD have suffered, just give them a chance to get back on their feet, i for one have always been an AMD fan but built an Intel Core 2 Duo system, i would like for AMD to be the best then i can upgrade to Intel Quad core then go AMD when they are cheaper :) either way heres to AMD becoming the best again :)

solar3740d ago

my question is since when did "more of a threat" = "poor performance" from a company?

Lumbo3740d ago

simple logic, if they say its NO threat at all right now, cause AMD's cpu simply can't keep up with Intels performance since CoreDuo. Hence the POOR performance of AMD compared to Intels up to date chips might give Intel more time to earn cash with the "old" CoreDuo that is cheap to produce and still better than anything AMD has to offer right now, and once AMD seems to get closer to that performance they simply release the next gen, again making the AMD cpu the low performance choice.

solar3740d ago

i guess i dont agree with the choice of words "poor performance". more like "inability to produce chips to rival competitors". thats more logical to me. but hey thx lumbo :D

GodsHand3740d ago

AMD has let me down twice already. No need for the third time the charm, I dont care about using less power when idel. Just give me preformance, like Intel does.

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The story is too old to be commented.