Ghost Recon Future Soldier Could Battle With the Best FPS of 2012

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Future Soldier could be the best of year with high tech equipment and intense gameplay.

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xxxAnubisxxx2170d ago

Ubisoft will undoubtedly screw this game up somehow

MrGunny942170d ago

Indeed, seems way to perfect..

Bigpappy2170d ago

I can't remember playing a bad Ghost game. I will keep my hopes up for this being the best one yet.

BattleAxe2170d ago

There were a couple bad ones on the PS2(Ghost Recon 2 and GRAW), but other then that they've been some of my favorite games.

brettyd2170d ago

how can a third person shooter be the best first person shooter of the year?

DeadlyFire2170d ago

Sadly some see no difference in saying First/Third.

JLesinski2170d ago

I have always loved this series. Always seems to deliver