IGN - Steve Jobs Joins the Fight in Soulcalibur V

IGN - One of the fun features included in Soulcalibur V is the ability to create your own characters. While many of you may have been spending time re-creating fighters in your image, Japanese blog Esuteru took it upon itself to place a number of recognizable characters and people into Namco Bandai's latest fighter.

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Lord_Sloth2077d ago

You have to wonder if he'd be getting this kind of obsessive attention if he wasn't dead.

caliman872077d ago

yes Steve was cool when he was alive and people love there apple devices before his passing.

MaxXAttaxX2076d ago

The answer is no, he wouldn't have been recreated in Soul Calibur V if he was still alive.

Pushagree2076d ago

Wow that is an insult to Steve Jobs. Why not put him in a good game?

jeeves862076d ago

Of course - people make Miis out of popular people, why not Soul Caliber fighters?

ChronoJoe2076d ago

He would probably be in it.

But IGN wouldn't have wrote this article if he wasn't dead.

TopDudeMan2076d ago

lol @jeeves86
My Mii doesn't even look human, despite my best efforts.

xchamp2076d ago

No he wouldn't be made in the game, but Gabe Newell would

snipes1012076d ago

All I have to say about Steve Jobs is this:


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iChii2077d ago (Edited 2077d ago )

I doubt he would. Before Michael Jackson died, if you liked his music people would go all "Eww."

But after he died it was cool to like his music..

I guess same goes for Steve Jobs. Before he died, people didn't even care about him and now that he's death, he appears in video games. lol

TheGameFoxJTV2076d ago

Who the hell said "Ew" to MJ?! WTF, this is why music sucks for the most part now.

tigertron2076d ago


Many people did and its ashame he wasn't able to repair his image himself before he died, because he was the King of Pop.

I agree with you though, music isn't what it used to be. I regard Bad as one of the best albums ever.

UnSelf2076d ago

Bad IS the best album ever

Fel082076d ago

Thats true to a certain extent. There were still millions of people who loved him before his death including myself. All the 50 dates for his This Is It tour sold out in seconds.

jeeves862076d ago

Liking MJ was akin to liking country music. Everyone did in some little way but were probably a little too embarrassed to admit it.

Hicken2076d ago

Sorry, but there was probably 1% of the world who knew who MJ was and would go "Eww" if you said you liked his music. If you were just talking about MJ himself, maybe.

But nobody questioned the quality of the man's music. Nobody went "Eww" to the music.

Bad analogy, anyway.

Steve Jobs was hot shit long before he died. As a businessman/public individual, he was deplorable to me, and had been so for years. May all dead rest in peace, but at least get your understanding straight on the deceased.

zeroreloaded2076d ago

it's just like the high school suicide in my school, before when he was alive, it was cool to call the guy a loser, and a fat pig but when he committed suicide all of a sudden ppl respect him.

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Legionaire20052077d ago

When you die you are a celebrity

Eamon2077d ago

I agree with Lord Sloth. I bet the non tech-savvy Apple product loving people never even heard of Steve Jobs until his death was sensationalised by the media.

Not to say he is some sort of villain, of course it was the complete opposite, he was a pioneer in his field.

But it just reminds me of the "arrow in the knee" fad where people joined in and just jumped on the bandwagon without even knowing the full story.

Sarcasm2076d ago

Whoever made this is going to get sued by Apple.

mugoldeneagle032076d ago (Edited 2076d ago )

But he's getting the attention because he died so early, not just dead-dead. Kind of like when Ledger died & TDK went through the roof.

If he would've died when he was 80-90 there would be 3/4ths less press than there is now.

RIP though

Hozi2076d ago

Life is never what it seems. The fact that we are here in this very forum chatting about the man is reason enough see that he's getting our attention.

Plus as someone mentioned earlier about this be a disgrace, he should get his own real game. Playing as Steve Jobs here, in SCV will forever be more entertaining than if there was a game with Jobs and his personal life with Apple.

lsujester2076d ago

I just want to see the move where the character copies your sword and then sues you for using it.

madpuppy2075d ago

you forgot copies your sword, paints it white and calls it an iSword and THEN sues you for using it.

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caliman872077d ago

Now bring on the contenders. Where's Gatea?

hellzsupernova2077d ago

all we need now is Kill Gates!

nix2077d ago

How about Steve Bomber? q:

chadwarden2076d ago

Steve Jobs' finishing attack should be "lawsuit"

jeremyKX2077d ago

I want to play as Gaben.

gigreen2076d ago (Edited 2076d ago )

What's that? Short for Gabe Nevell?

pandehz2077d ago

If Steve jobs beats Ezio i'll say the game is broken.

D3mons0ul2077d ago

Forget about all of the awesome characters you can pretty much replicate to a tee in this game, let's focus on Steve Jobs.

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