What's Wrong With Skyrim? Lots Apparently

Skyrim was hotly anticipated, and for many lived up to their expectations.

But with such blinded adoration, fans seemingly miss the faults of their beloved Skyrim and lack the ability to be objective when it comes to discussing it's problems.

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Emilio_Estevez2297d ago (Edited 2297d ago )

Everyone knows it very buggy, but the game just crushes those bugs with it's awesomeness. And so many games these days come out with huge problems only to be fixed down the road, people are getting used to it. Yesterday there were 3 article for PC users titled; Fix black screen and crashing in (insert game here).

VGI2297d ago

Couldn't agree with you more!

You're right, the good by far outweighs the bad.

I personally don't agree with fixing things post launch as I'm old fashioned and think games should be fixed before I pay for them.

But hey, like you say, people are getting used to it.

ginsunuva2297d ago

It feels like the game expects you to be at level 50 by the end of the main quest.

aliengmr2297d ago

Bethesda went the Blizzard route and refused to release the game until it was perfect, Skyrim would've had a Q2 2043 release. The fun-factor of Skyrim makes bugs and glitches less serious IMO.

MurDocINC2297d ago

I'm on the fence with Skyrim. Like I love the huge world to explore and the graphics. But the story and combat feels old and empty. I think once I see most of it, I'll never touch it again. I'll probably go back to fallout which I enjoyed more.

tripprowe24682297d ago

All of you are the exact people the author of this article is talking about. No game deserves a free pass because of its "fun factor" or any other reason really. Skyrim does the things it set out to do extremly well(atmosphere exploring questing and graphics). But ignores way to many things for me to take it seriously( a story of any kind, good voice acting, running smoothly). Skyrim is not game of the year.