Skyrim’s most needed PS3 1.4 patch last in line

InEnt writes: According to noise on blogs and forums the PS3 version of Skyrim has either the most issues, or has users hurting the most from problems like the frame-rate bug. Not all players feel this way but after spending a few hours over the past week analyzing reactions to Skyrim’s 1.4 patch it seems PS3 users are most desperate to get their hands on the download. It’s for this reason why we find it strange how the PlayStation 3 is the last in line to receive the 1.4 patch.

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danswayuk2265d ago

Some people say Sony has had a busy week and that's why the next PS3 patch is running later than Microsoft, although I wonder how those PS3 gamers feel especially if they have loads of bugs.

reynod2265d ago

Great to be a Pc gamer. just downloaded the HD textures patch ;)

Snookies122265d ago

Yeah, I would have bought it for my PC, but I wanted my brother to be able to play it as well. I was hoping it would at least run decently... I was wrong however. :\

Maybe I'll be able to actually go back and play the game again after my 4 week hiatus from horrible game breaking lag.

CaptainMarvelQ82265d ago

goddamit an are you here just to rub it in?

harrisk9542265d ago

No offense, but these "Great to be PC gamer", "Great to have all 3 systems", etc. comments are really starting to grate on me.

reynod2265d ago (Edited 2265d ago )


Do not be offended man, the HD textures are probably on the way to the PS3 and the Xbox 360 too, its just that MS and Sony havent validated the patch yet. Who knows maybe they are just delaying the patch because they want to give it as a charged DLC to the console crowd.

frostypants2265d ago

reynod, why are you so insecure as to have to brag about something as stupid as your PC?

Diver2265d ago

your not much of a pc gamer. I downloaded it night before last from steam.

I also got the ps3 version too an the problems with that version are only a issue cause the pc an 360 crowd have blown it out of proportion. that's real insecurity. I played my ps3 version more than the pc so far.

thedude442265d ago

this is about ps3, not pc.

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TheTwelve2265d ago

The "I have all three systems" bragging has bothered me since 2007. So you're indecisive and can't stand for anything. Nothing to brag about.


gcolley2265d ago

children brag. they'll grow out of it one day (hopefully)

didutz2265d ago (Edited 2265d ago )

It is really interesting and I am sure that other people thinks this too.

360GamerFG2265d ago

They served the systems with the biggest fanbase first. Standard business practice.

Snookies122265d ago

I don't believe it's about that actually, Bethesda just has some kind of relationship with Microsoft. Ever since Morrowind came out on Xbox and never made it to PS2. Kinda wish the series had just stayed PC exclusive at this point.

Tonester9252265d ago

They said that they are waiting for Sony to approve the patch. I think that this is the "Fix all problems for PS3, or lose a lot of PS3 fans and respect" So I think they are taking their time to make sure everything is in order and is working.

Imagine is something new starts messing up the game after the patch lol. *Knocks on wood*

MAJ0R2265d ago (Edited 2265d ago )

Well PS3 is last place, it only makes sense it will be last to get the 1.4 patch...

Just kidding, usually this happens where the days the patch is released ends up being different for every platform. I really do feel bad for the people who bought this on the PS3, Bethesda really just didn't care one bit about it which is really telling about what kind of developer they are.

N311V2265d ago

This has nothing to do with Bethesda having a bias towards one console over the other., the patch was submitted to Sony and Microsoft at the same time. It's simply that Sony have taken longer to approve it.

portal_22265d ago

Nope, PS3 should have been first. No excuse - just shows how hard some devs ride it nowadays.

frostypants2265d ago

The PS3 patch has a lot more to address than the other versions, right? So why WOULDN'T you expect it to possibly take a bit longer?

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