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GameDynamo - "Mario Party 9 offers a bit of a divergence from previous entries. Rather than collecting as many stars as possible, making the one who has accumulated the most stars the winner, you must work together toward the shared goal of recollecting the Mini Stars stolen by Bowser. "

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FriedGoat2302d ago

Why is this in the PS vita section, if I wanted to see games lacking in content that bore me to death I'd play my 3DS again. Actually I'd take that back if ocarina of time wasn't still the best game on it.
Queue the Nintendo fanboys but it's true.

ThePhuq2301d ago

Please, troll harder... The 3DS is looking to have an amazing year, and the newly released Resident Evil:Revelations proves the 3DS can handle full gaming experiences, chalk full of content.

FriedGoat2301d ago

Hah yeah looks great, I could go for animal crossing, paper mario and luigis mansion. Revelations is mediocre at best had it several days now. It doesn't feel like a console game really bad animation. Its a shame resident evil is bad now, bring back 4 I say. Anyway if your expecting content from your first party nintendo games you will be dissapointed. Look at mariokart 7, inferior to its ds predecessor that had not only a logo editor but it also had mission modes to which gave the game more longevity. It pisses me off nobody notices the fact that it's just the basic features, battle and grand prix. So far all the 3DS games have been like this hence why the ports are the best games. Nintendo are rushing games out to get the 3ds selling, it's a poor show.