PC gamers, meet Anna; a brand new 3D adventure game with amazing graphics

DSOGaming writes: "Dreampainters,an Italian indie team, sent us word about their new 3D adventure game, called Anna. The team is set up by Simone “Karat45″ Tagliaferri (design), Davide “3David” Del Sorbo (graphics) and the rest Dreampainters team (programming). And although I’m not a real fan of adventure games, I’m shocked at the screenshots that accompanied Dreampainters’ mail. Make no mistake, this is a gorgeous looking game and it’s amazing what the team has managed to achieve."

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Theo11302182d ago

Just because you change your user name doesn't mean you get to use the same header without some criticism; pick a different header and stop using your lame cookie cutter formula.

Animals_as_Leaders2182d ago

Lol. I can't believe it...the same article title again.

This site clearly has a great future...

LightofDarkness2182d ago

Ok, is this site just with an English speaking editor?

Agent_hitman2182d ago

I think it's a nice game with astonishing visuals, I'm gonna try this one

Basjohn2182d ago

Semi-colon is confused.

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