Five Games That Failed To Live Up To Their Hype

Gamers are always sceptical over new releases and the hype that has built up behind them, either from other gamers or the games publishers. Although there are games that live up to, and even surpass, their hype, here are five games that didn't.

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thisisxboxcom2179d ago

What rubbish... 5 games that didn't live up to the hype and you include MW3 in that. The only Call of Duty title to outsell all others in short space of time, the biggest Call of Duty title to date?

lorianguy2179d ago

Yes, but it was advertised to be an intuitive new entry to the Call of Duty franchise, and a lot of people see it as a game past it's time. They feel the Modern Warfare series has now officially been "over-milked".

And I also know that many people prefer previous iterations of the CoD series to MW3, as so little effort was evidently put into it compared to other titles.

I mean it's not a bad game - don't get me wrong - but it didn't live up to the great, fresh new entry to the Call of Duty franchise everyone was made to believe.

And it's huge sales numbers? CoD will always sell big, it's a huge franchise. Unfortunately Activision think that this will continue if they stop putting as much effort in.

Sorry for my little rant there lol

thisisxboxcom2178d ago

I am keeping my fingers crossed there isn't a modern warfare 4 though. I really do like MW3 over all previous versions, but it has to be the last.

They now need to invent a whole new war with whole new characters, but this year will see the 8th CoD on just one console!!! I definitely think it's time for a next gen, and can't wait for new hardware so visually it doesn't look a bit all same-old-same which isn't helping.

Gamer-Z2179d ago

Sales don't mean anything when it comes to the quality of the product/game.

PhantomT14122179d ago

Well it does mean something, not everything indeed but certainly not anything.

Ramses32179d ago

I have both, and trust me, MW3 is boring in the sense that there really isn't much originality.
Black Ops had a flavor, something that made it feel a bit different, a darker tone to the game that gave it some charm.
MW3 has no flavor and no charm; I can barely remember the storyline.

brodychet2179d ago

I think it's safe to say, most people have had both, and MW3 was still better to me than Blackops. Not that that's saying much, because both of those games are nowhere near amazing.

Blackops was better in some areas of the game, areas I wish would've been brought over to Mw3

But I believe Mw3 was better in the end.

Kran2178d ago

Just because it did that, it does not mean it was a good game...

lilbrat232178d ago

And Black ops 2 is going to be the same crap. COD 4 was the best out of the whole franchise.

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TomInc2179d ago

Not sure about all the ones on that list.. I know a lot of people who felt let down by Homefront - Though I thought it had a cracking multiplayer!

Gamer-Z2179d ago

It definitely had potential

Kran2178d ago

I enjoyed homefront more than CoD... thats sayinf something.

ramtah2179d ago

were is BF3? the mp sucked! and the singel player was short!

cyborg69712179d ago

First off it is " where ". Secondly Bf3's mp doesn't suck,it goes beyond the call in every way shape and form.

brodychet2179d ago

Bf3 is fine, but you're appearing a little fanboy-ish.. pull it back bro .

ramtah2178d ago

Did i even mention MW3? fanboy!

Pwnage182022179d ago

I love the Bf3 multiplayer and it does not SUCK it ROX!!!! please explain to me how it sucks i would love to hear them.... But the story was short so u win that round

ramtah2178d ago

You wanna know why it sucked?

KimoNoir2179d ago

Everytime you guys mention how call of duty outsells, you remind me of how people buy some mcdonalds because it has a athelete on there to make you think atheletes eat that shit.

The marketing really sucked you up

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