Moosa's Musings: This is what's wrong with Skyrim may, like so many publications, have given Skyrim a perfect score, but the site's opinionated columnist doesn't think its deserved.

Here's why he think Skyrim doesn't live up to its hype.

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violents2510d ago

Im really tired of these articles that start out "this game is so great but here's all the things i hate about it."

You know what it sounds like you just dont like games from bethesda in your article. Mabey you just shouldn't buy it if you dont like it and stop crying. Frankly i dont think keyboards work that well when they are soaked with tears.

MysticStrummer2510d ago

My problem with Skyrim, besides the bugs, is that the action is never as epic as the idea behind it. All the Elder Scrolls games have that problem. My little brother and I still joke about the last "battle" in Oblivion's story, calling it The Great Skirmish of Our Time (LotR:RotK reference). Some of the quests are pretty cool, but most are the kind of basic fetch quests that people complain about with other RPGs, yet give Bethesda a free pass for. I love the Elder Scrolls games, but none deserve a perfect score.

Arts10002509d ago

Fact ....... This is a very good article .
Fact ....... I loved skyrim until is tanked in PS3
Fact ........Skyrim is the last of my Bethesda Preorders .