Up close and personal with Ivy’s posterior

Namco Bandai officially releases high-resolution, high-quality image of new SoulCalibur V ad.

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Legionaire20052462d ago

I will gives 30 minutes and i bet that this article will be on top. A lot of hits lol!!!

dredgewalker2462d ago

I will give it 20 minutes. I wonder how many polygons were used in that posterior?

conswella2462d ago

i see no jaggies, which means it might be the high poly sculpt, not in game poly character, which means upwards of a million+. One day, video hardware will not have to sacrifice polygons for performance. thats the kind of world i would like to live in.

ChrisW2461d ago


"シリーズ最高傑作" The Best Masterpiece of the Series

The Katakana on her butt says, "Shiri-zu" meaning "Series". However, the first two Katakana characters have dots above them for emphasis.

"Shiri" means "butt"

Nifty little innuendo there!

LackTrue4K2462d ago

where's the (o Y o) i like that one more!!! XD

conswella2462d ago

give it time, and remember the in game character viewer/customization. glee!

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The story is too old to be commented.