Skyrim is Leading, The Latest Top 10 GAME Chart For This Week Has Been Released

GAME have released their latest weekly top 10 chart. Bethesda's The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is in the lead, followed by FIFA 12 and Battlefield 3.

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AllroundGamer2290d ago

congrats and deserved IMHO, i'm about 200 hours in now and i still haven't seen everything from the game :)

nickjkl2290d ago (Edited 2290d ago )

i dont think so not with the bugs it had

AllroundGamer2289d ago

yeah i know, but the thing is, the game is so much fun and addictive, that the bugs don't get on my nervs (not like when playing BF3, where the game is getting more frustrating than fun, also with all the nerfing getting lately they are destroying the game...), and personally i didn't see so many bugs (playing the PC version), but i had to use a level warp console command to get one quest working properly tho :) still it is to me one of the best games.