Former The Witcher 2 Senior Producer Developing New Action RPG

Supporting earlier rumors, former senior producer on The Witcher 2, Tomasz Gop, has updated his LinkedIn profile to reveal he has begun work with City Interactive on an action-RPG currently titled "Project HUMAN."

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DFresh2530d ago

I'll be keeping my eye out on this game.

NYC_Gamer2530d ago

sounds good to me bring on more wrpgs :)

closnyc22530d ago

as much as i diskliked the idea of going multiplatform, i have faith that he will stick to pc as the main paltform and wont disappoint us.

Animals_as_Leaders2530d ago (Edited 2530d ago )

I don't get the deal about multiplat dissapointment. I game exclusively on pc and honestly....all the best ganes are multilplat.

Graphically: Metro 2033, just cause 2, farcry 2, resident rvil 5, mirrors edge, crysis 2, deus ex hr.

Gameplay: dead space 1/2, bioshock 1/2... There have even been good multilplat rts game; Supcom 2, RA3, C&C3 & kane's wrath.

Imo being exclusive just causes poor Crysis.


anything from the creators of tw is a win in my book. I'm not sure which members of the team were involved in Hard Reset...but that game was awesome.

closnyc22530d ago

i mean going multiplatform as in dumbing down. Games themselves are fine on pc, i enjoy them as well but lets see the big picture here. Skyrims interface is all about consoles and most pc games are just ports. Deus ex and the new hitman have their own pc interface and assets (just read that about hitman) and i want witcher 3 to stay pc focused, for the hardcore, they already dumbed down the difficulty on witcher 2
with patches due to complaints and i am afraid of witcher 3 being consolized. However, this guy seems to be legit on the pc and its ok to make it multi if he does what he did with witcher 2 and what dice did with bf3 in terms of raw power, PC first, then ADAPT to consoles.

Somebody2530d ago

I don't mind multiplat games as long as the PC version doesn't get shafted in the process (horrible graphical/control optimization, extremely late release -1-3 months delay, Ok. Years in doubtful release? No, thanks). I don't even mind (or surprised) hearing the Witcher 2 is being developed for the X Box 360. I really wanted for the consoles to release their exclusive titles for the PC and I'm sure there are console gamers who really wanted for some of the PC exclusives (as few as they are) to come their way.