Lords of the Fallen "Not Trying To Top Dark Souls"

Creative Director Tomasz Gop explains that Lords of the Fallen isn't trying to top Dark Souls. The devs just want to show their take on it.

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Aurenar1541d ago

I like the honesty of Tomasz Gop. It's the kind of honesty that leads to create something genuine. He succeeded with The Witcher 2, I believe in Lords of the Fallen.

camel_toad1541d ago

Yeh its nice to see devs that are humble and lack the arrogance of certain other devs. Looking forward to this game.

Switchie1541d ago

Really looks like my kind of game. Both Lords Of the Fallen, and Dark souls will always have a spot on my shelf tho! I really like to support games like these.

CocoWolfie1541d ago

he was in with witcher 2? aw thats so great, im totally with you i believe too! ^_^

poppinslops1541d ago (Edited 1541d ago )

I'm guessing he worked on the Witcher's combat system... Some of the game's 'bosses' (the Kayran, the Draugr, the Dragon, etc) have a similar feel to the enemies we've seen in Lords of the Fallen.

I personally cannot imagine why anyone would quit working for CD Project Red. Lords of the Fallen is a new IP and all, but the story seems to be secondary to the combat, so...
What the hell was Tomasz thinking? Wild Hunt WILL be the best action RPG on next-gen...

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Alexious1541d ago

Mark my words, this game will surprise a lot of people (I've played it recently).

WeAreLegion1541d ago

That's good to hear. I like getting previews from other users.

BiggCMan1541d ago

I'm trying to understand why 6 people are pissed at my comment?? If you were not understanding correctly, I was saying I was jealous....

Salooh1541d ago (Edited 1541d ago )

That would be nice because i'm not expecting anything great. Average at best if not repetitive , heavy and easy gameplay. But won't judge it yet. Will buy it day one if possible ^^ . Wouldn't mind if i'm wrong :D ..

Dark111541d ago

This game has an interesting art style and NPCs with conversation tree ..i can't say the same about souls

Can't wait.

TomahawkX1541d ago

Dark souls only has awesome combat and enemies, cant say the same abouf the his game.

Dark111541d ago

Lol stop being a fanboy. and wait till the game is released.

BiggCMan1541d ago

I love the art style of Demon's Souls and Dark Souls :O And the NPCs in them have very interesting, sometimes disturbing speeches. There's no dialogue options, but there doesn't need to be either :P Either way, i'm extremely excited for Lords of the Fallen. It's been one of my most anticipated games all year, and will be a nice homage to the Souls series.

KakashiHotake1541d ago

There's a lot of good games coming out in October. This one is definitely on my radar.

Majin-vegeta1541d ago

Wish certain Devs of another genre would take note of this and stop copying.

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The story is too old to be commented.