Blades of Time Preview (HG)

Hooked Gamers writes: "Blades of Time, the upcoming hack-and-slash, action-adventure game being developed by Gaijin Studios for the PS3 and Xbox 360, has most likely been flying under a lot of people’s radars, even after its debut in early June of last year. I admittedly had never heard of the title until now which is a shame since it looks like it will be a pretty fun and fast-paced game. Set as a “spiritual sequel” to Russian-based Gaijin Studio’s previous title X-Blades, Blades of Time aims to blend both third-person hack-and-slash gameplay with FPS elements as well as more creative mechanics like time control and platforming."

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r212376d ago

i feel that this game will be underrated :C too bad, the game looks to improve over its predecessor by over 9000 :D