Skyrim Visual Mod: This Is Not Photoshopped

"We have a fantastic new mod for Skyrim that changes the entire look of the game mainly because the thing that is important, yes the Sky has been changed to give a more realistic look. That feel of Sun in the face is one of the best moments you will encounter in the game. Of course, you actually can’t feel it, but the game looks so realistic after installing this mod that you will most definitely appreciate it."

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Tsuru2378d ago

All i see in the picture is the bright light coming from the sun. Which is something i dont want to be staring at the whole time im playing.

Series_IIa2378d ago

Skyrim: Soviet atomic detonation in the distance edition

Johnny_Cojones2378d ago

Agreed. I like a scaled down version of this effect, but that level of it just looks distracting.

Tonester9252378d ago

I dont have a PC but I was just wondering with all these texture packs and mods, would that have an negative effect on the FPS and gameplay?

SkittlesLikesPopcorn2378d ago

usually does, but the fps hit is not drastic. Anyone with a decent rig wont notice a difference when playing with the mod or without (in terms of FPS). Obviously it will look better...

Tonester9252378d ago

Thanks. But I asked because I seen some nice looking mods and was wondering why the developers don't make the game look like that when they release them. Like GTA 4

bwazy2378d ago

Unless I see a video of it, EVERYTHING is essentially photoshopped.